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  1. Prejudice

    Boat Towing

    Anyone got a copy of the above script, its no longer avail
  2. Not too sure how Ace handles Damage when a vehicle is hit, but you essentially fall unconcious in the tank from an impact or from recieving damage, I am wanting to use allowDamage false, but the issue is that there is alot of other vehicles and alot of walking around, I pretty much only want them to be indestructible while inside the vehicle only
  3. So I don't think it will, the issue is that the Crew just dies or passes out inside the tank due to the damage they've taken
  4. The above hasn't seemed to have worked.
  5. Sorry for the Vague description. I'm using ACE so destroying a tank is close to impossible with the Advanced Damage system turned on, Instead of the tank blowing up, Everything just goes red and it's fully disabled. Then the crew inside will most likely be killed from penetration or explosions etc. Hopefully thats a bit easier to follow. So basically i'm wanting to crew to be able to remain in the tank for cover and my thoughts is just making them invulnerable while inside the tank.
  6. Hey there, Currently im running a small server for myself and some friends, we have run into the Problem that our tanks are just far too vulnerable, I've tried Reducing damage to them, I've tried a multitude of scripts and other users help but I can't seem to find a way around it, So what I'm wanting to do is make players inside a specific vehicle, invulnerable (I want players in a tank to be invulnerable but players inside a helicopter for example to still be vulnerable, That way, the tank will be fully disabled but the crew can sit inside until the tank is entirely destroyed etc etc. I tried this bit of code but it doesn't seem to be working _unit = _this select 0; _unit addEventHandler ["HandleDamage",{ _unit = _this select 0; _vehicle = vehicle _unit; _checkVehicles = ["vn_b_armor_m41_01_01"]; if !((_unit == _vehicle) && (_vehicle in _checkVehicles)) exitWith {0}; }];
  7. Thanks That got it working on my side, perfectly. Im still struggling to understand the remote exec. Ive got the following code that I need to do the same for but unsure how to do it again _this setVariable ["LESH_canBeTowed", 1]; _this setVariable ["LESH_towFromFront", 1]; _this setVariable ["LESH_AxisOffsetTarget", [0,4.8,-1.3]]; _this setVariable ["LESH_WheelOffset", [0,-1.5]]; _this setVariable ["LESH_canTow", 1]; _this setVariable ["LESH_AxisOffsetTower", [0,-4.5,-1.0]]; tried a couple things but hit a wall
  8. Hey, I've been scripting some stuff for a Scenario we are playing and I'm running the below piece of code { _x hideObjectGlobal true } foreach (nearestTerrainObjects [player,[],8]); Now that piece of code is meant to hide all terrain objects around my player (and it does) however it doesn't execute on all other clients, the terrain objects are only hidden for me, the local client. Even with the hideObjectGlobal use it still is only for me, I've tried to remoteexec it but am unsure how to execute the above using remoteexec, Ive also tried Calling BIS_fnc_MP but to no avail. Ive been looking for a while and am very annoyed with myself that I can't seem to figure this out, the code works fine, its just forcing it to execute across all connected clients to the dedicated server that is making me pull my hair out. Thanks in advance
  9. Hello, Every week my 10 friends and I play the Antistasi Scenario on a custom server of mine. We unfortuantly playing the wrong version but are too far along to start over. what im wanting to do is edit the Arsenal (Virtual Armory) and remove some specific weapons from it, Ive got the variable name of the crate but every time I run the code, nothing is happening, Ive searched High and Low and can't find a solution, even tried the examples off the wiki. [ caja, ["arifle_MXM_F"], true ] call BIS_fnc_removeVirtualItemCargo; I have 4 of those rifles in the Aresnal, I want them all gone. But Im running that above script and its not working. I know it's the correct variable name because I can move it around with that variable name. some help would be very appreciated 🙂
  10. Hello im trying to get a dedicated server to run for myself and some friends. Im running it off Ubuntu 18.04 and SteamCMD latest copies of everything. Im trying to load up and run the Vanilla Antistasi BluFor Mission. I have everything installed and I execute the server with the following command in my terminal ./arma3server -config=server.cfg It launches the server using the settings from my server.cfg file which I copied from the dedicated server guide section on these forums and you can view my exact settings here. Download server.cfg The server boots and I can join it however I see 1 error on the terminal when its booting up which reads. Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. a3_characters_f and then the whole console gets spammed when a user joins the server with Mission Antistasi.Altis read from bank. and nothing happens client side, the server just idles there and any user connecting stares at a loading page for 3 minutes before the server auto boots you. Anything im doing wrong here I am new to the dedicated server side of things. If anyone can include their server.cfg or any pointers i can do please help. Direct instructions would be nice.
  11. Hello, Been making a mission and along with a ton of other problems I seem to not be able to solve this. I can't get the UAV to work the MQ-9 doesn't want to work. I used this from Bohemias site https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/UAVhttps://community.bistudio.com/wiki/UAV I Placed the UAV terminal or Building with access, I placed the UAV and set it's flying height to 700 (even tried 7000) and the module. Then I sync the player, uav terminal and uav with the uav module. And nothing happens the UAV just idles on the ground or just drives on the group in a single direction, It doesn't spawn flying. it isn't controllable I can open the map and check it's flight path but nothing happens. This is the exact line I put in the init box on the UAV this flyInHeight 700; Please advise thanks
  12. Yes I looked in the Global Hide, that is only usable in Arma 3 editor. Im literally just stuck on how to implement the hide object to all clients, I don't know how or where to position the code in the script to make it work properly https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/hideObject This is where I found the code, they state that the HideObject will only execute on client, if you want to make it execute on server side you need to put in the following code. _nic = [nil, mantohide, "per", rHideObject, true ] call RE; But i have no clue as to where to position it
  13. Hello, So i've been making a multiplayer mission for my friends and myself and i've run into a snag. For one of the missions I needed a way to transport vehicles via the c130j, mv-22 and Ch-47. I found an old script that worked and edited a bit (Don't worry I still gave credit to the original creator) to make is so i could fit a tank in any of the given 3 transporters. Unfortuantly these vehicles are too big and stick out the side of the aircraft while flying and it looks rather silly, I found the following line of code objectName hideObject true; This hid the given object from site once loaded in, however upon testing the mission with my friends. only the person who executes the loading command will not see the vehicle, everyone else can see the vehicle still sticking out the top. I reasearched a bit but am still unsure as to how to execute this command globally. I found this command. _nic = [nil, mantohide, "per", rHideObject, true ] call RE; Which looks like this in my actual script if ((_Transporter isKindOf "CH47_base_EP1") ) then { if (_Object isKindOf "Car") then { _object = [nil, mantohide, "per", rHideObject, true ] call RE; _Object attachTo [_Transporter,[0,1.5,-0.5]]; } else { _Object[nil, mantohide, "per", rHideObject, true ] call RE; _Object attachTo [_Transporter,[0,1.4,-0.8]]; }; } else { _Object = [nil, mantohide, "per", rHideObject, true ]; _Object attachTo [_Transporter,[0,1.4,-0.2]]; }; This doesn't do anything it actually pausing the script past a certain point pretty much meaning it breaks it. my original code using just the Hideobject looked like this, and I just replaced the objectName hideObject true; with _Object[nil, mantohide, "per", rHideObject, true ] call RE; if ((_Transporter isKindOf "CH47_base_EP1") ) then { if (_Object isKindOf "Car") then { _Object hideObject true; _Object attachTo [_Transporter,[0,1.5,-0.5]]; } else { _Object hideObject true; _Object attachTo [_Transporter,[0,1.4,-0.8]]; }; } else { _Object hideObject true; _Object attachTo [_Transporter,[0,1.4,-0.2]]; }; Can anyone help and maybe suggest or tell me what im doing wrong thanks.