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  1. SupremeBread


    Mentioned it in alot of my replies, when you take a gun out of stash, reload it, re-stash it, it will take the ammo that is not yours into your inventory and it wont let you put it in your stash.
  2. SupremeBread

    first day..

    Its a game preview, I know it sucks to lose crap but it will be fixed. DayZ was a good game -_- except the mass amounts of zombie spawns right when i found a can opener....
  3. SupremeBread

    Game freezes then kicked to xbox home

    It'll be fixed. Just a minor issue but may upset some players.
  4. SupremeBread

    bugs/glitches I've noticed

    Its a game preview, the problem with mine though is that I pull a bandage out and get killed cause i cant pull my weapon out.
  5. SupremeBread

    Stuck in cabinets

    There's prop 1 and prop 2 im pretty sure, Unlooted is prop 1, looted is prop 2, When your standing inside a door of prop 2 before it turns into prop 2 and then you loot it, the door will get you stuck inside of it, so best thing to stay as far back when looting cabinets.
  6. SupremeBread

    Can't store 7.62x54

    Hopefully a dev can remove it xD
  7. SupremeBread

    Can't store 7.62x54

    There is a ammo glitch where if you take a gun out of stash reload it, then re-stash it, the ammo will go into your inventory and you cant stash it.
  8. Its just a clipping/no collided issue with some rocks.
  9. SupremeBread

    Stuck on branch in Fisk

    For the branch spot it is because that hill is steep or that branch is to steep to walk up so it pushes you down and you aren't able to move, its just the physics of the game atm. :D
  10. SupremeBread

    Players disappearing when far away - Fjellkanten

    it might just be rendering issues with a game in game preview, not everything is perfect, nor will it be ever, games will always have new bugs with each update. nothing can be perfect. :D (No flame)
  11. SupremeBread

    Weapons not moving to inventory

    The ammo part is prob because you took a weapon out in safe zone reloaded it then put it back in the stash, lots of people having the same issue including me. :D
  12. SupremeBread


    They probably haven't set up servers near your area so it might be that your playing from korea yes.
  13. SupremeBread


    Where is this happening? and may it be your controls?
  14. SupremeBread

    Settings don’t save

    Just a new game, you will just have to deal with it and reset your settings to your old ones until they fix it.
  15. SupremeBread

    shelter repair bug

    What he said ^