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  1. ThatPersonCampN

    Having Proper Vigor Etiquette

    Hey if you're making me max my loot out faster you bet I'm hunting 😜
  2. ThatPersonCampN

    Favorite gun and why?

    Honestly I find the AK-M my go to. It feels rather smooth when using it compared to the A74-K. M1911 is hands down my favorite pistol in any situation if it's needed.
  3. ThatPersonCampN


    I've gotten a kill with at least 4 of them. All mine have exploded. Only problem i see is they jitter on the ground once they make contact with something
  4. ThatPersonCampN

    Probably a lost cause

    No lag here. Orginal xbox one.
  5. Shotguns easily counter knives, devs clarified this in streams!
  6. ThatPersonCampN

    Changelog 0.5.27007

    Thank you devs for everything you do. Currently waiting on my last upgrade for generator. Already stockpiled supplies for shelter once it can go to level 11
  7. ThatPersonCampN

    Build times at base

    I have everything max upgraded but I agree with Zygzag. They don't want you to rush the game. Especially in its beta stages. I just forget about whatever i upgraded and would switch games after i get whatever resources i needed
  8. ThatPersonCampN


    Hey homie there should be a mixer stream coming up on the 29th on some new info. Every other Wednesday they are doing streams. Hopefully this helps. I believe(don't quote me) the next update they are dropping should be a big one
  9. ThatPersonCampN

    founders items

    Sometime in 2019(no exact date) they are believed to be f2p, hope this helps
  10. ThatPersonCampN

    Next dev stream ?

    I believe it will be August 29th for their next stream. As if I recall correctly they said every other Wednesday on August 7th but they didn't do it the 8th. 15th should of been their last one so August 29th it's looking like homie!
  11. ThatPersonCampN

    Probably a lost cause

    Gamescom I will say again. The team working on this game is way smaller than blue hole. I'd love to see you work on a game. Wouldn't even get half as far as these guys. These devs are motivated and if you don't like the state its in right now no one is forcing you to play it.
  12. ThatPersonCampN

    Probably a lost cause

    You ever hear of Gamescom? No probably not. It's a GAME PREVIEW, their last update was almost a month ago. All the main forum dwellers are at Gamescom. Its still more stable than pubg and that game is fully releasing in September. Maybe play something else till they update since it doesn't really look like you support it
  13. ThatPersonCampN

    Deconstructing multiple guns of one type at once.

    If you have max Shelter level and materials i would just save them till 7+ shelter levels are added!
  14. ThatPersonCampN

    Maps now in rotation

    Fisk Factory takes me abit getting used to but still never liked Fjelljanten. I miss Draug Fort i have a whole system for it and normally get the supply drop multiple games in a row!
  15. ThatPersonCampN

    Changelog 0.5.25128

    Agreed is there any ETA on when you guys will throw updates out? Like some games do tuesday or friday updates. No rush I'm just shelter level 6 and hope to begin leveling up past that soon!