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  1. Evan Jordan

    I love this game. Some things to improve.

    I agree, the idea of surrendering sounds cool since if you would die you would lose everything. Maybe if you surrender, the person could take maybe 1 thing or something instead of you losing everything. Another little mini issue is when I am putting ammo in the stash at the shelter, sometimes the icon won't go away but, when I go into an encounter, the ammo was put in the stash and it confuses me sometimes. Like I said, just a mini issue but, I just wanted to bring light to it.
  2. So, I was just thinking something that would make the game more competitive and interesting would be attachments. Mind you, the developers probably already have this in production but, I just wanted to add my cents in on what I think about this. I think it would be cool to put all kinds of scopes, muzzles and other types of attachments on the weapons to enhance experience and gameplay. Let me know what you guys think of this and what ideas you have on this topic. Can't wait to read them!
  3. Evan Jordan

    Friends joining lobby

    I agree. A duo/squad mode would be very interesting and important. They could do the shelter/resources one of two ways. They could either have the same building when you guys are in the same game but have resources and everything separated so what you loot is yours unless maybe dropped and shared before going on encounters. The other way I believe they could do it is everything is shared between your group but, I'm not too sure if everyone would be ok with that. The game is great with room for lots of new, improving things and I can't wait to test it all out!