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    @DerNoobYT Nice buddy! GG but we found out there is a way how you can get even higher. :D btw.... was geht? :D
  2. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    August 15th 2018 Guns and firemodes

    The recent changes completely broke the firemodes. Yes, like intended you spawn in with your gun on auto but its actually switched. If its on auto it shoots single bullets and if it is switched to single its in auto mode. tested on the ak,akm and suomi. Also the m16 has no burst fire anymore. both modes are single fire. Cheers
  3. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    August 15th 2018 Guns and firemodes

    they fixed it after 1 day already.
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    Good luck.and dont forget the screenshot. :D can be tricky.
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    Come on u troll. xD The thing where my character stands on.
  6. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    After beta

    it was the first or the second one. its on youtube.
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    Your not the first one who asks this. :D Get on the roof of that house. Thats the challenge. :) I always do that when I wait for a server.
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    After beta

    wipe is planned for release they mentioned in a devstream. not in the "near future". I am all up for a wipe anytime
  9. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    Future Guns and attachments?

    there will be weapons wich have scopes already on it. appearently you will not be able to switch out or craft only attachements. clothing will probably be acchievable through challenges or/and microtransactions. a roadmap for future content/updates would be cool. right now their main focus is optimizing the combat.
  10. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    All Weapons (so far)

    I would have liked you talking about the weapons.
  11. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    Loosing items to crash

    it happens yes.
  12. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    So is it actually wiser to ...

    but what is the point of looting when you never use your stuff? a wipe will come sooner or later so I suggest using it before its gone. I agree it is the smartest thing to go out with nothing, but is it the most fun way? No it isnt. Gearfear has no place in a game preview in my opinion. and remember that you are a founder. you bought this game to provide feedback and test the gun mechanics to make it actually better. And how can you proper gather and intesify experiences if you run around with a knife and dodges every fight? Edit: dont mean to be harsh, sorry if it looks like that.
  13. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    Map Movement Solution

    also looting should take longer when crouched. but I am more a fan of getting the same looting animation as in state of decay you can loot slow or fast. if you loot fast there is a chance you make very loud noises.
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    It doesnt really help ranting in here. This issue has been adressed enough times. They work on it. You cant expect more.
  15. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    Map Movement Solution

    Then tell them to come here in the forum and start a discussion with us. Right now the devs only see 2 people that like this feature. :D
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    Looting ressources from players

    I think it would be a good thing if we would be able to loot gathered ressources from killed/dead players. Right now you only loot weapons, ammunition and consumables from players. Greetings Dino
  17. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    A Summary of My In-game Stresses

    You brought up solid points and I agree on the render distance. and until they fixed it, if you have a real issue once with a car looting it, jump on the motorblock. This makes the car (and caravan) way more accessable. shouder switch should automaticalley bring a weapon switch with it.
  18. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    Minor bugs

    well said at the end. but everything you mentioned was adressed already. they say they work on improving the gunplay, so lets wait until the next update is announced.
  19. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    Friends joining lobby

    as long as teamers dont have a proper place to play you should not punish them. They cant go somewhere else so dont be mad at them. I think it sucks too but there is nothing we or the "mean teamers" can do about. Only the developers can fix this
  20. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    Broken shooting

    They just need to be careful that they dont make knifes useless. A knife nobody wants to use is pointless.
  21. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    Map Movement Solution

    I like that you are immobile while looting. That gives patient players the opportunity to land a clear clean headshot. If looting stays risky, ressources will be more valuable.I would just add a little "search animation" where he moves a bit to actually look in the car for something.
  22. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    playing solo

    Yeah hunting and stuff would be cool, but I guess it would turn this game into something that it never wanted to be. With a proper duo mode the teaming will be reduced wuite a bit I guess, so only time will tell.
  23. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    My two hours of gameplay

    Hm this game is in early access for 10 days. Welcome to the Life of a founder. You should not expect a fully enjoyable game when the release is planned in 6 months. So I recommend get back on it gather and intensify experiences to form a proper opinion of the current status of the game, then come back in this forum with actual contructive feedback. With this attitude you will help noone.
  24. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    Character customization

    I remember in the first dev stream they said that you not loose you clothes. Clothings are just there and non lootable items.
  25. twitch_DinotheRRhino