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    FIX the DUOs issue ASAP

    I have a little over 30 hrs invested into the game already and although its full of bugs and is incredibly difficult to get smooth gameplay at times, i still love vigor. the concept, the graphics, and the massive potential is what has me hooked on the game. But with that being said the last 3 days of me playing have been a shit show. almost every single game that i have jumped into in the last 72 hrs has been nothing but 2,3,and 4 man squads running around destroying everything in sight. at first i took it as a challenge to try and take out as many as possible, but after repeated deaths (and most deaths were NOT from me trying to gunfight but from getting jumped while looting) and losing a significant amount of gear its safe to say that this is an issue that needs to be fixed ASAP. I want duos and squads to come out just as bad as everyone else. in my opinion it would make the game about a millions times better. but the ability to team up with a buddy or two or three in a solo game is ridiculous. with as wonky and unreliable as the shooting it is completely unfair. there is practically a ZERO percent chance of winning a fight against even two. i dont know why this is a thing but the devs needs to fix this before it kills the player base. i personally wont continue to grind the game knowing that every match is going to be me hand delivering loot to a team of 2-4 players.
  2. i would personally like to see some sort of quest or mission system implemented. nothing crazy complicated but just another layer that can be added for extended end game content. if there were weekly or daily quests it would give the player incentive to continue to play even after maxing out the shelter. for example: if you complete a weekly quest of looting 20 airdrops in week you get a special cosmetic item for your character or a cool decorative piece for your shelter. if you complete the daily quest of killing 3 players in a single round then you get a crate containing 2,000 materials etc.. and the quests can vary depending on the map. that way the quests are always in rotation, same as the maps are. you can even go further into it by adding milestones that would really give players a reason to grind. example: if a player reaches idk say 100 kills you get a special melee weapon like a hatchet or ax. granted this would mean they would have to also add a sort of stat tracker for the player to be able to see their progression, but i think it would be a great addition.
  3. Nomad556

    possibility of quests?

    oh man i cant wait!! you just got me REALLY excited haha! keep up the great work you guys are doing an incredible job!!!
  4. Nomad556

    Max Shelter Level?

    as of right now yes
  5. Nomad556

    audio cues

    yes i have and that looting system is exactly what i had in mind! adds another layer of risk/reward to game. a player can either take their time to loot slowly which also means you're vulnerable for a longer amount of time, but if you loot really fast then you risk the chance of other players hearing you and tracking you off the sounds you're making. after a while players will recognize the sounds and will be able to tell if someone is looting inside a house or a vehicle or what not..
  6. Nomad556

    audio cues

    i would like to have some audio cues incorporated for the gun play. for example when switching the rate of fire a light tick would be nice, that way you can know without having to lose focus of what is directly in front of you whether or not you made the ROF switch. also, i have started to notice that the kp 31 seems to jam when firing at someone else on full auto. but that doesn't happen at all when using it on full auto at the shelter range. if the gun jams during the firefights are a game mechanic then i think an audio cue for that would be nice as well. not sure what the sound would be though. or maybe a visual cue showing the barrel heating up or something so that way the user knows to let up on the trigger before jamming a round. again this all depends on whether or not those gun jams are on purpose or if its a bug. but i have only had it happen to me with the suomi. finally i think the players should make noise when looting. the sounds and volume could all vary depending on what youre looting.. furniture, a wooden crate, a vehicle etc. i think it would add another layer to the looting and players would really have to think about what they want to hit. for example, when hitting a vehicle you can hear the car door slam once finished looting, a player may think twice as the sound would surely attract others.
  7. Nomad556

    FJELLKANTEN hidden tunnel

    really cool find! i had no idea they had hidden locations like this.. maybe all the maps have this and we havent found them yet...anyway great post!
  8. Nomad556

    Running speed depends on weapons

    i think theyll implement a function like that at some point in time. it would only make sense as the weight of the gear should affect player movement to a certain extent.
  9. Nomad556

    Running speed depends on weapons

    the hit detection at this point is horrendous. i can have the front sight directly on a person and still wont land a hit. its pretty infuriating. especially when you shoot at the guy 30 times and he runs up to you and stabs you to death...
  10. Nomad556

    Would you like to see a FP mode?

    i think a fp matchmaking would be nice. would definitely make spotting others a lot more difficult
  11. Nomad556

    Real Game improvements

    the lean is something a lot of people have been asking for as well as myself so i hope this comes out soon however i would prefer seeing them actually fix the gun mechanics first before adding anything new. the gun play is so wacky and inconsistent at the moment its almost better avoiding fights altogether. hit box, hit registration and the random gun jams is something that needs works like asap.
  12. Nomad556

    Keyboard And mouse functionality

    i agree that mouse and keyboard give the player an insanely huge advantage over someone using a controller. i pray the devs dont even consider that option
  13. Nomad556

    looting system idea

    i think it would be really great if the devs could tweak the looting system a little bit and allow the player to drop loot from his/her bag. i find at times that i have a full bag and want to pick up a different item and cant because i have no way of accessing my inventory to remove or move something, unless i am in the middle of looting a cabinet or vehicle etc. i think the ability to drop an item from your inventory would also be extremely important for the upcoming duos or squad modes that everyone is anticipating. i would hate to play with a friend and instead of just dropping them the extra loot i have to destroy it just to make space in my bag.
  14. i really wanted to write a "review" this morning on how i felt with the preview release yesterday and its like you literally took the words from me lol. everything here is SPOT ON. the game has a ton of potential but it needs soooo much work before it can even be considered a decent game. so much needs balancing, and its a shame that there was ZERO change from the beta to the preview. i mean not even a level cap raise for the shelter?!?!
  15. Nomad556


    ive been dealing with the same issue and its getting pretty old and quick. i wrote about it in another post where the guy above ^ got all butt hurt and bitchy about it lol if the devs dont find answer to this issue i feel like itll kill any chance of this game growing into something special. its just not fun at the moment running into a lobby and pretty much hand delivering loot to a squad of 3 or 4.
  16. Nomad556

    What type of gun would you like to see in game?

    as far as guns go i would like to see maybe a tommy gun and an m1 garand. but what i would really enjoy is some weapon attachments even if they are very basic. a sight and some grips would really help the accuracy of the guns, as most of the automatic weapons are completely ineffective when shot on full auto.
  17. i wrote about this same issue last week. now idk if the matchmaking change will have any affect on the solo queue teaming but for the sake of the games future i hope it does. its a total killer to the game experience and i truly hope the devs find a way to resolve it. i agree that even if they add the duo matchmaking it may not totally fix the issue with players teaming up in solos to have an advantage over actual solo players. still with that being said im staying positive that the game will continue to improve throughout the preview and that the devs continue to read player feedback.
  18. Nomad556

    Vigor Blog

    this vigor blog is a great idea buddy. keep up the good work
  19. Nomad556

    FIX the DUOs issue ASAP

    seems like the toxic one here is you. its apparent you cant handle someone correcting you, because all i did was state that you obviously didn't read my entire post. your replies made that apparent. i made points on issues that need fixing, such is the reason for these forums. nothing directed towards you that can be considered toxic, offensive, or unnecessary. so if it bothers you that i write a thread about something that was already posted then don't read the duplicates. pretty simple. so do me the favor and don't start trying to start or spread anything. there are enough "toxic" groups in the gaming community. we don't need vigor to be added to that list... thanks for the feedback anyways tho!
  20. Nomad556

    FIX the DUOs issue ASAP

    did you read my comments or just the title? nothing i said is related to the devs releasing a duos or squad mode... bringing out a co op does nothing to solve the tag team issue going on in SOLO servers. if they dont find a way to prevent people from playing in the same servers together in a SOLO game mode it will RUIN the multiplayer experience and crush the player base. The division had the same issue early on with parties of up to 8 players running in the darkzone, and that issue quickly killed a large part of their player base as it was a huge turn off for the lower level players that were trying to grind fairly.