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  1. If you transfer a weapon from your inventory to your stash while it's loaded it transfers the ammo (rounded to nearest 10) into your inventory and then you can't transfer that ammo into your stash. If you start a new match you then lose this ammo from your inventory
  2. XV Anarchist VX

    Actual Match Mechanics?

    Can confirm parts are random. Will take more weapons that parts to make a blueprint, unless you get really lucky.
  3. Ive got both these issues Looks like the ammo transfer issue happens if you transfer a weapon with ammo loaded
  4. XV Anarchist VX

    Gun play awkwardness

    So I've been finding gunplay awkward. I've never been killed carrying a crate even when there is someone right on top of me. Just run and you can't hit enough to be killed. I figured I'd gotten lucky all 5 times until I watched two guys duke it out for 5 minutes. One finally drops and the other guy goes prone and starts looting. I run up pull out my luger as I'm literally standing ontop of him and promptly unload the 8 rounds I have. To my suprise he gets up and proceeds to shoot me for a minute till I'm dead. I get guns aren't lazerbeams but when I'm litterally standing on a guy Im pretty sure I'd have to try to miss... Anyone else having this experience? Here is a prime example. Notice I'm at about half health and totally unarmed here: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AsjiqxB6vzvLg5gjT0Xd5unMZLYG6A
  5. XV Anarchist VX

    Ping Indicator

    I'm finding gun combat to be very janky and inconsistent, I'm playing in NZ so suspect this is lag but can we get some kind of ping indication in game?
  6. XV Anarchist VX

    Actual Match Mechanics?

    So what is the basic mechanics of a match? Is it always 8 players or up to? If a player is killed can another join? Does the zone get smaller? How does it work?