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  1. I'm having trouble setting up my Arma 3 server to the internet on a Windows 10 Home pc. It works perfectly on LAN connection, as I can play the mission and such. However I can't find it in the server browser nor can I direct connect to it using my router IP and not the server's local IP. I'm using TADST v3.1.0 with an Antistasi mission file and 8 mods. I don't think this is an issue with TADST because I previously had an arma 3 server setup from BI's dedicated server article ( https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dedicated_Server ) that worked online on a previous router, but when I tried it on the router I'm currently using with proper port forwarding it wouldn't show up. What's also strange is that if I host a server on another PC via Arma 3 server browser and not a dedicated server, my friends can properly see and connect to it. I tried steam's GetServersAtAddress and it returned the text below for the TADST server, so I'm confused as to why steam can see it and the arma server browser cannot. I triple checked that my ports were forwarded on my router, and I also triple checked that the ports were open through my firewall. I have ports 2302-2306 UDP, 2344 TCP/UDP, and 2345 TCP forwarded on the router and allowed through the server's firewall. I also tried disabling all the mods as well as putting no mission file in it to see if it would show up then. I've played around with UPNP both on my router and on TADST, as well as trying autoInit, persistence, and toggling on and off battleye. I've also made sure all programs and mods have been up to date. I have the RPT file but I'm not sure if there's any sensitive info in it, if that would help.