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  1. Hello Chaps, A few static line observation if I may: - Game Observation: Sometimes I have seem canopies bounce up into the aircraft after deploying, or when the game is laggy the chute deploys before the jumper has had time to fall, but the result is that the aircraft starts trying to gain altitude to avoid colliding with the stream of parachutes opening up near it. - Suggestion: Not sure, disable collision for the parachutes? - Game Observation: By my calculations paratrooper parachutes are descending at appox 12 m/s (much faster than the in game air crew parachutes). - Real World: Both the US T-5 and UK Type-X Parachutes had an approx descent speed of 7 m/s. - Suggestion: Reduce descent speed of parachutes,reduces ground collision injury issues, is more accurate, and gives more time to enjoy the game jump.
  2. No, I know what it is and I wanted to use flyby. It''s for a repetitive AI paradrop.
  3. Hello, I'm making some airborne related missions. Can you chaps look at changing the descent speed of the parachutes? They are far too fast. The T-5 and X-Type had descent speeds of about 7 m/s. This will also remedy injury/death incurred in game when landing.
  4. Hello, I'm using BIS_fnc_ambientFlyBy to spawn aircraft that fly a set route. I am trying to find out how to get the unit name of the aircraft so that I can then do things to the spawned unit, such as limit its speed, set velocity and teleport AI into the aircraft. Does anyone have any ideas?
  5. I've been using this for CAS. It needs updating but calling in A-1H and F-100 still works. I did try editing it but can't get it to repack - keeps on kicking back errors or not packing correctly. Unsure why at the moment.
  6. Gents, Love the progress on this, strong work. A few things I've noticed: AC-47 SEA camo texture and bump-map don't seem to be fitting the model properly. F-105 silver textures not with right gloss map? silver appears dull grey. CH-34 & (C)H-21 still have issues where they cannot maintain a consistent altitude when pilot by AI, keep on nosing up and gaining altitude. Radio Module: I may enter only AC-47 as the only CAS but A-1H CAS still becomes available.
  7. There is also this module, needs updating but A-1H and F-100 CAS are still functional:
  8. Interesting, will try. Yes basically for my missions want to make it so that certain aircraft (F-4, F-100, F-105) spawn with with their pre-SEA camo textures if the year is 1965 or before (I already added the year part to the trigger conditions). Trying to use it with the GX support module as its the only module that I've found that supports UNSUNG aircraft for CAS, but as I mentioned there are issues with it not working on all aircraft when calling in CAS with more than one jet at a time.
  9. Yeah both work when I test with two static aircraft, but when interacting with the air support script only the first jets skin changes... humph
  10. Tried this in the activation as well and it gave the same result, only first aircraft skin changes... wondering if it is to do with the air support script im using
  11. Nope.. that didn't work, looped it but it still just changes the first F-100 when several are spawned at the same time or in rapid succession. I do have repeat on in the trigger, so once the trigger zone is empty and they spawn again, again the texture of the first one changes.
  12. Hmm actually, if more than one F-100 is spawned at the same time, only the first one has its texture changed... maybe that is more to do with the way the trigger is activated. Maybe I should put the second part into a loop.
  13. BIS_fnc_initVehicle does otherwise work. I have tested it using the name assigned to a vehicle, ie "jet1"