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  1. As it says in the title, I have an issue with AI behavior in static weapons on a dedicated server. Here is the example of same AI on hosted server directly from Arma: And here is an example from dedicated server: On a dedicated server AI constantly shakes static weapons even if there is no enemy. Another point is that it shoots only 2 bullets, strange for MG-42. It happens on all static weapons. What makes it more strange is that if you remove weapon crew and replace gunner with a new AI spawned from Zeus it behaves normally like on a hosted server from Arma. If anyone has a solution or any assumptions I would be glad to know. Thanks in advance.
  2. Well. I managed to combine my thoughts and your suggestions. Here is the final version that is working properly. STR_01_N_1 - name STR_01_001 - text 0,1,2 - how long text must be shown. 0 means 3 sec(default), 1 means 1.5 sec and 2 means 5 sec. These are most fitting numbers as for me. ["STR_01_N_1","STR_01_001",0] execVM "titles.sqf" // _nil = ["STR_01_N_1","STR_01_00",0] execVM "titles.sqf" private ["_name", "_text","_length"]; _name = _this select 0; _text = _this select 1; _length = _this select 2; _ulength = 3; if (_length == 1) then { _ulength = 1.5; }; if (_length == 0) then { _ulength = 3; }; if (_length == 2) then { _ulength = 5; }; _temparray = []; _separate = "<t color='#FFD500'>: <t/>"; _uname = format ["%1%2%3","<size='0.5'/><t color='#FFD500'>",(localize _name), "</t>"]; _utext = format ["%1%2%3","<size='0.5'/><t color='#FFFFFF'>",(localize _text), "</t>"]; _temparray = [_uname,_utext]; _alpha = _temparray joinString _separate; [_alpha,0,1.1,_ulength,0.4,0,789] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText;
  3. I want to use custom titles for speech, that will appear at the bottom of the screen. But I have encountered such problem, that I don't know how to use text from stringtable in BIS_fnc_dynamicText. The idea was to make it easier show titles only by calling own script with string parameters and not to write long ([...] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText;) every time. I don't know how to insert STR_01_N_1 and STR_01_001 in to this script. Call of this script was supposed to look like this ( _nil = ["STR_01_N_1","STR_01_001"] execVM "text.sqf" ). Need help(. Here is the code that is not working... private ["_name", "_text"]; // _name is a text from stringtable STR_01_N_1 // _text is a text from stringtable STR_01_001 _name = _this select 0; _text = _this select 1; ["<t color='#FFD500' font='PuristaBold' size = '0.6'>_name</t> <t color='#FFFFFF' font='PuristaBold' size = '0.6'>_text</t>",0,1.1,4,1,0,789] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText;
  4. As the title says, I want to check if all alive players are in the helicopter. Simple evacuation but i don't know how to make helicopter stay on the ground until all players are inside. I figured out, that setting fuel to 0 will make it stay on the ground but how to set it back to 1 when all player are inside? If there is any other way to do it I would be glad to know about it.
  5. FunnyCookieEver

    Mission in Scenario UI

    Same problem. Tried to define everything in description.ext as well as in Arma scenario settings, nothing works. Here is the thread:
  6. FunnyCookieEver

    Scenario Menu - Bug with mission names

    Same problem. PBO-ed scenario overview is broken, but If it isn't PBO-ed then it works fine but image is resized for some reason and mission name is still broken.
  7. Recently I encountered such a problem that the name of the mission in the scenario menu is displayed incorrectly, although everything returns to normal when it starts up. I suppose that it happened after some Arma 3 update. Can anyone check if it's only me who has this problem. Here are mission files: http://rgho.st/8XW7GVqbf Some screenshots:
  8. FunnyCookieEver

    Make vehicle vulnerable only by player(vehicle)

    Thanks. I just didn't notice that the problem was with the pilot. Now it's working.
  9. Is there any way to make enemy plane vulnerable only by player? Player is on the plane to specify. I want to make this because there are a lot of AAA on the ground, that are made to shoot very badly but they are still hitting enemy planes. Or the other way to make so, that turrets don't cause damage.
  10. I want to make a mission where task is to clear some trigger area. I have always used default trigger options but after some time I noticed, that using | Activation: OPFOR | Condition: Not present | is a very dangerous thing because AI usually hides somewhere inside rocks or other places and player just can't complete the task. I am trying to use custom condition inside the trigger but no success. Here is my final try: if (opfor countSide thisList < 3) then {t1_1_1 = true;} else exitWith {}; I have to admit that I'm new in Arma 3 scripting.