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Need Help - Trigger countSide Condition

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I want to make a mission where task is to clear some trigger area. I have always used default trigger options but after some time I noticed, that using | Activation: OPFOR | Condition: Not present | is a very dangerous thing because AI usually hides somewhere inside rocks or other places and player just can't complete the task.

I am trying to use custom condition inside the trigger but no success. Here is my final try:

if (opfor countSide thisList < 3) then {t1_1_1 = true;} else exitWith {};

I have to admit that I'm new in Arma 3 scripting.

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The condition field only returns a value, usually boolean ("true" or "false"). You don't actually execute code in it, per se.


I assume the units and trigger have been placed in the editor? If so:





this && east countSide thisList < 3


t1_1_1 = true;


Once you have eliminated all but two OPFOR units, the trigger will fire.

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That will not solve the problem of hidden units in rocks or decorative houses (with no entry/building positions). They still fires on you.

You could spawn units then delete those inside/below something:


_myteam = [_pos, east, _unitsArray , [], [], [], [], [], 0] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;
  sleep 0.2;
  {deleteVehicle _x} forEach (units _myteam select {count lineIntersectsSurfaces [getPosWorld _x, getPosWorld _x vectorAdd [0, 0, 10], _x, objNull, true, 1, "GEOM", "VIEW"] >0});




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