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  1. AKA_TiTAN

    Igiload Reloaded

    yes it works but spaming the .rpt file. waituntil needs to be true or false. Since Arma 3 v1.94, a condition returning anything other than true or false will result in an appropriate type error. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/waitUntil hope this helps
  2. AKA_TiTAN

    Igiload Reloaded

    Thanks for the mod, i am getting script error in debug continuously :- '...{_x getVariable "IL_Taru_Action_Drop"]) |#| then { _x setVariable ["IL_Taru_Action_D...' Error Undefined behavior: waitUntil returned nil. True or False expected. file \addons\IgiLoad\IgiLoadTaru.sqf..., Line 51 Thanks
  3. I am having issues with Massive fps drops when picking up loot. the server is running 45+fps , then i pickup a loot item, and it takes about 3 seconds or more to transfer into inventory, and the server fps drops to 4 or less fps, and then back to 45 fps. i am using Brettnordin extdb3 mod for 64bit. any help would be apprecated!! fixed; fresh install cured it.
  4. AKA_TiTAN

    [MP] co40 Domination!

    No disrespect i have been looking around but cannot find any instructions? Is there any Dedicated server installation instructions any configuration needed? Which missions need other mods? Any custom difficulty recommendations?
  5. AKA_TiTAN

    co10 Escape

    pretty sure i am getting hackers. are there any Battleye filters?