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  1. hope i dont upset anyone asking about this here. its just it sort of relates to all of the arma's and i dont want to have to ask this question in every individual game forum. so anyway. really i would like to be able to play through the main campaigns of, arma armed assault, arma cold war rearmed and arma 2 combined operations and face decent ai. the trouble is that it seems that ai improving mods break the campaigns, make certain levels completely inpassable. which is really annoying as the vanilla ai for these games is notoriously bad, im just wondering what solutions if any people have come up with for this. maybe for the campaigns i should take off the mods and just turn the difficulty setting up for extra challenge, maybe switch on super ai in the game options and leave the actual ai mods for my own editor made stuff. what do you guys think? thanks.
  2. quickQuestion

    downloading and viruses.

    Hi everyone. i was just curious as to what if anything you guys do when downloading unofficial content for arma/opf with regards to viruses and stuff. i used to use virustotal.com for downloads but the limit is 128mb and generally i like to download entire campaigns that are much larger than this. a few of the things i am wanting to download are outside of bohemia.net, armaholic and the usual sources so i dont know weather they can be trusted. so anyway, anyone got any advise ? cheers. dean.
  3. Hi gang. so i took time out earlier to install COSLX, i seem to have it working. but a few things i am unsure of. 1. when installing it. im not sure but i may have messed up the two additional patches for it. it would be nice to know for sure if the two patches installed successfully, there isnt anything when the game is loaded up to say which version is in use. anyone know how i could check that? if not then im tempted to delete and reinstall COSLX and the 2 patches again. i am pretty ocd, and any nagging doubt that my game isnt just perfect spoils everything for me. 2. i suspect an even more noobish question. does this addon and all the ai improvements also take effect on the main campaigns, red harvest, operation arrowhead, etc? my gut feeling says that it would, but who knows. hope so, as i mostly play singleplayer, and want to experience the campaigns without the notoriously bad ai. cheers in advance.
  4. quickQuestion

    ai mods and arma campaigns.

    dammit, so in that case, do you think turning the difficulty up and maybe turning on super ai is worth it, at least to provide more of a challenge. i would rather the ai cheats and gives at least a challenge than completely dopey ai
  5. quickQuestion

    found a pretty strange bug.

    hiyer guys. i realize its pretty late in the day for this game and dont expect a fix or anything, but i thought i may as well share this and see if anyone else has the same. im not sure if its in the vanilla gold game which i have or if its since i installed cold war rearmed and also warmod i installed which changes a load of things. but anyway try spawning a soldier around one of the plane runways. find a runway light and shoot it. in my case suddenly theres a cloud of smoke and a collapsed house appears in its place. i noticed in the editor that around the runways there are houses listed there that are invisible unless you hover the mouse over where they are. pretty retarded. anyway, pity, as i sometimes like setting up a battle on a runway for the flatness. but this bug spoils it. be curious to know if anyone else has this.
  6. quickQuestion

    COSLX a couple of noobish questions.

    wow arma 2 seems to be completely dead.
  7. quickQuestion

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    arma 4. i reckon bi should focus on an amazing story, set in a dystopia. the setting to 1984 as an inspiration, like a more subtle, adult and realistic half life 2. maybe playing as a soldier slowly coming round to the hypocrisy of his own side. id want to play as an anti hero. someone flawed and struggling with their own guilt and conscience. with their work life, their inner longings and their own subversive thoughts. i think would resonate with a lot of people. by the way talking of half life 2, thje alien invasion theme from what i have seen has massive potential in the arma universe, but apart from the excellent alienz mod, it is mostly untapped.
  8. quickQuestion

    How I Think Bohemia Should Move Forward

    so what you are saying is, arma should morph into call of duty. i dont understand. if you want to play call of duty then go ahead and play it.
  9. quickQuestion

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    id love to see a shinra soldier mod from final fantasy 7, and also be able to play as the rebel group barret, biggs, wedge and jessie. normal proportionate body sizes and everything unlike in the actual game. biggs, wedge and jessie could have normal assault rifles, barrets gun arm would be a must though. the turks also could feature as the covert ops arm of shinra. a bit unlikely i know. but the idea of it gives me warm fuzzy nostalgia. ha iv been counting down the days for the last 3 years for the remake.
  10. quickQuestion

    downloading and viruses.

    the two links in the video description there and also https://cloud.mail.ru/public/LqSK/pqnB9aCY6/campaigns/Retaliation-I-EU.exe as for not having any antivirus, well my gaming computer the only websites ive been going on are official arma related ones or youtube/google. i have an old macbook for everything else.
  11. quickQuestion

    Retaliation campaign now available in English

    hello, dont mean to bump an ancient thread like this, but im definitely interested in this campaign, trouble is the website for it seems to no longer exist, anyone aware of another trusted source it is available from. im not fussed if it is in russian with english subtitles or whatever. cheers.
  12. hello all. so i was thinking back to when i first ever got to play operation flashpoint goty on my brothers computer, must have been about 2004-2005 ish, i remember at the time he downloaded a fan made campaign, i would love to be able to track it down. all i can remember of it was it seemed a bit post apocalyptic, there was i think meteor storms and the whole atmosphere was as if humankind was teetering on the brink. having looked through some of the back catalogue of fan made stuff, the only one that is a maybe is volcano or when the world ends, im going to try those out but it seems like it is just one level where as this i am sure was an entire lengthy campaign even with new weapons, vehicles and factions, if memory serves. anyway, any help would be great. cheers Dean.
  13. quickQuestion

    fan made campaign does anyone remember this?

    Think it was actually the unofficial expansion pack planet of war.
  14. quickQuestion

    fan made campaign does anyone remember this?

    it wouldnt be either of them as by the looks of things they were created a few years after my memory of this. on the other hand, they both look interesting so il be sure to give them a try, cheers. let me ask you this though, the volcano one says it is multiplayer. can it also be played single player?
  15. hi everyone. so what are some really excellent, must have campaigns/mods/ extra missions for this game? thanks. dean
  16. quickQuestion

    Red Hammer II **Project Release**

    i really appreciate all your help, but im not sure i can make an mod folder without an in depth breakdown of exactly what to do, im scared of messing up the game. i read some of the info on making a mod folder from that link you provided and it seems pretty complicated and confusing. another problem is that the remastering of red hammer and cold war crisis seems to be in more than one part. part on the main download and part on the follow up patch, so im not sure if i disregard the first one and go with the followup or if they have to be spliced together or something or what. also im not sure if the remasterings are to be put into the main campaign folder, do they automatically attach to the already existing versions of the campaigns and do they automatically override certain bits of them or what. is there a better place for me to ask for an idiots guide on how to get this baby going? i dont want to keep pestering you ha. thanks.
  17. quickQuestion

    Red Hammer II **Project Release**

    thanks Macser, another very naive question. once you have downloaded the game and the patch that sebastian put in his two first messages. where exactly do you paste them. i have managed to got to the rar files with 7-zip, i am just wondering where to paste them and if there is a particular order to paste them in. also he said about remplaceing something, whaa? im sorry for all this, i am quite new to computers to be honest.
  18. quickQuestion

    Red Hammer II **Project Release**

    thanks Macser, another very naive question. once you have downloaded the game and the patch that sebastian put in his two first messages. where exactly do you paste them. im sorry for all this, i am quite new to computers to be honest.
  19. quickQuestion

    Red Hammer II **Project Release**

    probably a daft question, but does this project also work with arma cold war assault? the fact that it doesnt come with red hammer, do i also get red hammer 1 by downloading this?
  20. Hello everyone. So im trying to install the goty version of the original operation flashpoint. i have windows 10 but i am using virtualbox to run windows xp especially for this game. anyway, when installing, every time i get to the end of the last installation disc, disc 3, it suddenly says it encountered an error and closes. i am not tech savvy at all. the virtualbox was set up by my brother and i am really at a loss. any ideas what to do? thanks for reading. Dean.
  21. quickQuestion

    trying to install operation flashpoint 1 goty

    it all worked out fine. thank you very much my friend.
  22. quickQuestion

    trying to install operation flashpoint 1 goty

    im gonna go ahead with that thanks very much. ha just typical, because it was red hammer i was itching to play the most :D but all the same i am highly grateful. thanks. ha, you'll have to excuse me, i really have no clue when it comes to computers, i dont even know what a download mirror is. which link or what gets the actual installation going on that page? oh by the way, can you make custom scenarios and stuff in this one like you could in the original? many thanks Dean.