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  1. Sayker

    Rydygier's Trivia Vault

    Hmmm i will test this !! ;) thx for your help :)
  2. Sayker

    Rydygier's Trivia Vault

    Thanks for your quick response! Yes incognito ;) In fact what I would like is that the code runs only if the player wears a clothes or even an object. Otherwise, the player keep is side. Do you think you can help me? thanks :))
  3. Sayker

    Rydygier's Trivia Vault

    Hello the for this awesome addon !! but it’s possible to add a condition with uniform. For exemple special clothes ? Thxx in advancee:D
  4. Happy New Year Everyone ! I always need your help for this problem. Because currently, all units around player are impacted, or i would like only damage on civilian are keeped or the death of a civilian units.. :/ Do you have any idea ?? thx in advance =)
  5. Hi there !! I use these lines EventHandler, but it's possible that this event are only activate for civilian damage ??? Thx so much ! =) _EH = ["ace_killed", { params ["_unit"]; [_unit, _unit getVariable "ace_medical_lastDamageSource"] execVM "ACL\ACL_murder.sqf" }] call CBA_fnc_addEventHandler;
  6. Re !! In fact with last lines every damage are used. It's possible to use only for damage on civilian ? Thx ! =))
  7. That works perfectly...!!!!!! Thank you so much Dedmen !!!
  8. Yes this fix seems works but there is a other problem...
  9. Hello everyone, thx for your help ! But i have this Do you have any idea ? =))
  10. Hello everyone, I am currently working on a script that requires the use of an EventHandler; "killed" see line below. _EH = _unit addEventHandler ["Killed", {[(_this select 0),(_this select 1)] execVM "ACL\ACL_murder.sqf"}]; But the script does not run with Ace and works perfectly without. This is normal or do you have a solution? A big thank you in advance !!
  11. Thx for your help, but i would like that the last equipment is saved and load automatically when the player spawn. Because in my mission the player can't use Arsenal to load his equipment ;) Do you understand my request ?
  12. hello Wyqer, It's possible to save equipment when you left the server, and when you come back you recieve your last equipment ? Thx !! ;)
  13. yes they shift, when I use the build feature in play to build front posts, some of the objects are dacalized from their position of the last backup. Concerning the problem of duplication, I do not know what to do because certain object posed in publisher is double and other not. Despite their suppression at restart and / or a total reboot of the mission.
  14. Hey, I have 2 questions : When i reboot my server, and i load my mission, the buildings declare themselves from their original position, do you have an idea ? Is it normal that I have these same duplicate spawn buildings during the reboot ?
  15. Sayker

    Helico taxi script

    Yes sry !!! ;) i didn't known =)