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  1. So within the map there is the diary entry "Players" which if your the host allows you to [Kick] [Ban]. I was wondering if there's a way to add more options and change the options to it, for example [Heal]. I'm not sure if there's a way to change this, if any one has any helpful information please reply, thanks. If you need more information just ask
  2. Is there a way to count how many alive crew members there are in a specific vehicle? and how to count how dead ones there are?
  3. [HELP] Debug Console

    Is there a way to do it within the game with out changing mission files out of game
  4. Yeah, Thats what i'm looking for
  5. Something i could put into a debug console
  6. I'm wanting it to be executed through a button ingame
  7. [HELP] Debug Console

    for "_i" from (0) to ((count paramsArray) - 1) do { missionNamespace setVariable [configName ((missionConfigFile/"enableDebugConsole") select _i), paramsArray select _i]; }; Maybe helpful but i'm not sure
  8. Is there a way to allow another player to use the debug console with out changing the mission config. For example _chk = getMissionConfigValue ["enableDebugConsole", 0]; change the missionconfig value to allow all or specific users to be able to use the debug console I'm asking is there a script which will allow all users to it where it can be executed in game in the debug console
  9. Is there a way to disable a players abort button whilst the player is dead then activate it again once they're alive?
  10. Locking Doors

    Is the code going to be released
  11. I mean if some ones addAction on a crate for example is there a way to find the locally executed function? On that not is there a way to find all players locally created functions?
  12. From david's code, thanks for the code btw, i've shortened it to my self. [] spawn { _list = (ASLToAGL (getPosASL player)) nearEntities [["Air", "LandVehicle", "Ship", "Man"], 100]; { _driver = (driver _x); _driver action ["Eject", _x] } forEach (_list select {((getNumber (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _x >> "hasDriver")) isEqualTo 1) && {!((crew _x) isEqualTo [])}}); };
  13. This is a random question, Is there a way to find the a script connected to a object for example if theres an Addaction on a object would you be able to find the script which puts the addaction on the object if that makes sense
  14. To eject only the vehicle drivers within 100m