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  1. Hi there, me and my brother have been working on an Unofficial and complete overhaul of Wyqers kp_liberation using the Unsung mod and Nam map, if you find it intresting please subscribe and send some feedback for us and your thoughts on what to improve or change. Link to mission file: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1379488064
  2. Theane

    BMR Insurgency

    thanks for the post, found out in INS_Definition that when i ported sara map i had to add mske map with the same eos_mkrs and now it actually works. found some issues affected by the zones when a turret spawned inside an apartment but it was all in good fun so we had some good laughter out of it. Everything else works for us now thanks
  3. Theane

    BMR Insurgency

    hi there jigsor, this might be a long shot but i wanted to ask this, me and my brother have been plaing this insurgency for a long time now and we have had so much fun with this mission that i started to edit this missions by myself to suit our playstyle, but now i wanted to see if it is possible to port over this to other maps using the eden editor? been trying to port it to maps such as isla abramia and everything works fine except the intel spawn, can't find any intel in any zone and i have no idea how to fix this (btw i'm using the zargabad mission on other maps) i would love to see if it was possible to get the intel working.