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  1. As the title says, I've been getting this crash lately (started trying to play again about a week ago after a couple month break). It occurs randomly while playing arma, but usually before an hour. I've seen this posted many places but nothing seems to help that I've read. Basically all that happens is I'll be doing something, the game will freeze, and either my graphics drivers will fail giving me a black screen, or I'll at least be able to close out of the error message that pops up. In either situation, it also closes out of steam. What I've tried so far: No mods No startup parameters Running a vanilla game mode with no mods Making a new map and flying around in a jet for 10 minutes Update graphics drivers Increase page file limits in Windows Re-install arma. Not sure what else to do besides give up playing one of my favorite games : ( Any help is appreciated. rpt at the time of the crash:
  2. 420memelordxDlmao

    DX11: cannot create texture E_OUTOFMEMORY crash

    I've seen that before, still the same results. It seems like it's related to the pagefile running out of space eventually. In that ARMA is just constantly storing stuff in the pagefile and it never gets released so eventually you'll crash. Another thing I've noticed is that it will also cause steam to shutdown too...
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    DX11: cannot create texture E_OUTOFMEMORY crash

    I ran the installers included in the arma directory if that's what you mean. Not sure how you would uninstall directx
  4. I'm trying to create a scenario where some drones fly in and drop leaflets over a town before the invasion starts (literally an event that happens in the laws of war dlc). I'm copying the code here https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Leaflets except changing "myDrone" to "this". Drones init is: this addWeapon "Bomb_Leaflets"; this addMagazine "1Rnd_Leaflets_West_F"; The drone has a waypoint that it flies off to where I'd like it to drop leaflets. This is the on activation function for the waypoint: this fire "Bomb_Leaflets"; hint "leaflets should have dropped..."; Which prints out "leaflets should have dropped..." as expected, but no leaflets. Would really appreciate any help given, thank you.
  5. 420memelordxDlmao

    Drone leaflet drop scripting

    I think I figured it out, solution: In your waypoint onActivation, you want to do: (vehicle this) fire "Bomb_Leaflets"; You need (vehicle this) because `this` is the group leader that activated the trigger, not necessarily the vehicle. Appending vehicle before `this` will get the vehicle of that object if it exists (which in this case is the drone).
  6. 420memelordxDlmao

    Drone leaflet drop scripting

    Should have mentioned that I tried that first.
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to do something simple in the editor. - Have a drone fly to a point indicated by a waypoint - Once it arrives at the waypoint, have it drop leaflets. I know this is done by using the fire command. I would like to use something like this fire "Bomb_Leaflets"; in the "on activation" call for a waypoint, so that I don't have to have a variable name for each one of the drones I launch ( Would be nice to be able to put this functionality into a script that I can use repeatedly). The problem is that this obviously isn't working, and upon checking the name of the object with hint format ["waypoint completed, this is: %1, this name is %2", this, name this]; The result is either, with no variable name given to the object, "this is R Alpha 1-1:1" or if I give a variable name to the drone it attaches a capital D to the end of the variable name, as in: "this is {variable name of the drone}D". The name of the drone each time (name this) prints out as "Jeremy Wilson". Any help is appreciated, and sorry if this is a very basic thing, but I cannot find the answers to this for the life of me.