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    Faces of War [WW2]

    One thing I noticed about the PIAT is that its missing its three rear-sight holes. Seen here it has a sight for 50, 80, and 110 meters going from bottom to top (50 meters is the bottom hole, 80 meters the mid, 110 the top). I was wondering if this is just because you've yet to try and experiment with alternate/variable optics or if it was just not included for the sake of PVP balance.
  2. Leib

    Faces of War [WW2]

    I'm not saying that a single man needs to carry forty stick mags or something like that. Simply saying that realism and Arms don't combine. Take a Soviet soldier with an SVT. He would only carry about three magazines. But then he would have a crap-load of five-round stripper clips. So following the logic, then he should only have three magazines in game, when in realize they would have several more than that in overall ammo. For Garrand ammo, those blocks are small. You can pack those in your pockets, double-pack them in pouches, and everything else. A man with only six pouches on his best could easily have 12 or more blocks on him along with everything else. Then you have to consider how clunky and unwieldy medical is in ARMA. It's unreasonable to expect a medic to go unarmed just to carry enough bandages, morphine, etc. wholly by themselves. Not to mention that in real life the practice did start that troops would have at least a simple pack of bandages and tie-bands on them (reference the old predecessor to the IFAK you will see on American soldiers helmets). And trust me adding a backpack doesn't give enough space for enough ammo to last two hours real-time and carry literally anything else but ammo. And that's ammo, not grenades or much else. A simple rule of thumb for a change could be having NCO variants carrying more than their counter-part versions. Things like that. While also giving everyone a general boost.
  3. Leib

    Faces of War [WW2]

    IF Lite is still being used/popular, and its maps are still okay. Where its suffering right now is US uniforms and equipment. They lost quite a good deal. I absolutely loved this update but I do have one issue: Load limits on the uniforms, vests, packs, etc. Its nearly impossible as, for example a Thompson gunner, to carry a full load of ammo and then also anything like bandages, grenades, etc. It makes designing load-outs for fun-ops and similar things increasingly difficult when even the assigned medic at platoon level can't carry both more than 3-5 carbine magazines, epinephrine, morphine, and bandages (because I use the ACE medical system, obviously). I understand that in real life someone such as a Soviet soldier wouldn't actually have seven or eight full mags for his rifle, but that was balanced because he'd also have several stripper clips of ammunition for once he had expended those 2-3 magazines worth. In other words, real life soldiers had ammo kept in a way ARMA can't really account for. So that's just my little quirk with an otherwise amazing mod. I'd like more ability to carry more ammo and equipment into battle. Also is there any plan in the works to make the radio packs TFAR capable? And why is it that the Allied forces are under the INDFOR while the Axis is under BLUFOR?
  4. To be fair the extraordinary length is sort of intended, I imagine. The STABO system was designed to extract troops from areas where a helicopter couldn't conventionally land in an environment where trees could be STUPIDLY tall and densely packed. And thanks for the advice I've been running some tests as well and have started to work out how I can use it (I came to the same conclusion you obviously did, to use the sling-loading system).
  5. Curious would-be pilot here: how is it employed? Is it set in EDEN editor in advance? Spawned by Zeus? Will helicopters be able to just be enabled with it, or is it something added as cargo? Curious minds (and pinned down SEAL teams) wanna know!
  6. For those of you who are curious (or simply don't like using STEAM workshop like myself), it seems ECHO has been uploaded on ARMAholic
  7. So will Cold Wind come with updated/replaced US assets of any sort? Call of Duty has me in the mood for some Thompson gunnery.
  8. Basically for the grenades, its not a special weapon chute or anything. It's literally just your flight chief with an express-delivery M67 dropped out the side of your bird. And the music would more than likely be speakers that the Cobra would have neither room nor need for.
  9. I'm psyched for this update. Battle of the Bulge, here I come!
  10. Already love the additions. The Huey's panel is awesome and actually really usable now. I'm a flyboy, sue me.
  11. Any chance this'll be hitting Armaholic at all? Looks fantastic!
  12. Man once you've run a gunship over the treelone to cover advancing infantry its hard to wait to do some more.
  13. So a friend of mine in my clan told me that UNSUNG ECHO is potentially coming to grace us this coming Sunday. Is that still on schedule? Because I love flying those Hueys and I'd love it even more with all the updates you guys are talking about sending our way.
  14. Excellent still-shots! Operation Deadstick has always been something awesome to read about.
  15. Wow I didn't even see that. My searches outside of this forum had left me so frustrated I hadn't thought to page back before going to last page to ask. Well whatever the separation was about in the end, here's hoping this mod gets fixed where US equipment is concerned. Ah well. EDIT: I just hope the paratrooper kit is brought back. Can't do an Easy Company fun op without it.
  16. Is anybody else having an issue with the US uniforms with the 14-OCT update? Specifically they all either look like a variant of the tanker/crew uniform, or (in the case of the M43 airborne uniform) it'll glitch through and look terrible? If its something to do with the latest update then I would love a link to previous files since I don't have any, but if its something on my end then any advice would be helpful. For reference, the load order (underneath ACE, CBA, and TFAR) is to run it as: IFA3 AIO IFA3 Hotfix WW2 Objects IFA3 Terrains Any help would be appreciated! I love this mod and I've got some fun-ops I'm dying to put together for some friends of mine (and in case my issue with uniforms isn't obvious it has to do with paratroopers, likely scattered across a field somewhere in France).