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  1. Jannings' post reminds me - Is it possible to add a variable in CFG.sqf for the backpack classnames for easy changes? I personally have Contact DLC, but others don't so they may prefer a backpack from a mod or even a base Arma one. Also, I don't know how much your script checks for the backpacks on players, but if it doesn't introduce lag, adding the option for items other than backpacks would work well with the above. I still use this script in missions. Keep it up!
  2. Some very nice additions this update phronk! Can't wait to check them out!
  3. The only reason we ever use global is when we need to talk to our Zeus while he is in-interface. If Zeus compatibility becomes reality then I doubt we'd ever need to use that channel. I think an option for side chat would be good, especially for smaller groups that can make use of direct team-to-team communication without using a middleman. But I certainly wouldn't say I'd prioritize adding it.
  4. I did mean the actual name of the channel. Only because I personally prefer "Support Channel" instead of "Air Channel", so having that as something quickly changeable would be great. No need to rush on Zeus compat if you have other priorities though!
  5. Thanks for the update Phronk! Hope you can work on Zeus compatibility soon! And unrelated but - would it be possible to have the Air Channel name be a variable in CFG.sqf? Glad you continue to improve this script!
  6. PortalGunner

    JBOY Birds Of Prey [Release]

    Would be cool to see some modification of this as an "anti-drone" bird. Another possibility could be messenger birds, and even messenger-bird hunters.
  7. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - EDIT: Solution here. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hi all, I've been spending a while trying to figure out the proper method to attach a vest to a dog and correctly move it with the animations. Creation of dog and initial AttachTo are working fine, but I'm having trouble matching the direction of the vest to the dog's position. This is what I have been trying to work with so far, but it does not match correctly: _dog = dogDmy; _vest = "Vest_V_HarnessO_gry" createVehicle [0,0,0]; _vest attachTo [_dog,[0,-0.4,-0.54],"spine2"]; _n=[_dog,_vest] spawn { _dog = _this select 0; _vest = _this select 1; while {_vest in (attachedObjects _dog)} do { _vest setVectorDirAndUp [(_dog selectionPosition "spine2") vectorFromTo (_dog selectionPosition "hips"),[0.01,0.01,-0.99]]; sleep .1; }; }; There are similarities between this and a couple other scripts people have written, but they don't seem to work entirely for a dog. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/189737-attachto-trying-to-attch-a-lamp-on-torret/ http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-uav-r2t-and-pip/ At the minute I am using While instead of a Draw3D or EachFrame EH to avoid unnecessary use of resources. Dog creation for testing: Thank you in advance!
  8. PortalGunner

    AttachTo Vest to a Dog [Script]

    That specific line is to average out the vectors between the upper back legs and the spine. Because apparently there's barely any mempoints down the centre of the body >n< The only reason I was able to figure that out was because the vector commands are similar to normal math commands. Thank goodness we have the wiki.
  9. PortalGunner

    AttachTo Vest to a Dog [Script]

    This took the better part of a day, but it's in a working state. Lag with the vest adjustments is affected by how often the direction of the vest is set. For me, a while loop with a short sleep is fine, and the lag provides a nice little 'bounce' to the vest when the dog is running. For faster refresh, reduce the sleep time or use a draw3D or EachFrame event handler. Although the full script I am working on will be MP compatible, the code below is local. Any object can be attached to the Mark object if attach location is known. Completed solution code: The vest spawned in the above code has its scroll menu/inventory disabled to prevent pickup. If you want inventory access, use the below code also: If you can think of any improvements, I'm all ears!
  10. PortalGunner

    AttachTo Vest to a Dog [Script]

    I have it working! Well, mostly. I've attached an invisible object to the spine, and am attaching the vest to that with an offset. setVectorDirAndUp now acts on the invisible object instead. The only problem now is that there's a bit of clipping when the dog sits down, just because of the way the MemPoints I'm getting the directions from move. I have to find a balance where it doesn't look to far off when standing but doesnt clip through when sitting.
  11. PortalGunner

    AttachTo Vest to a Dog [Script]

    When I eventually finish my full edit I will contact you in case you're interested, johnny. I found out that the "hips" selection is actually not in line with the body and for some reason is on the right leg. Here's where I'm at with this: // Average vector from 2 back legs to spine _dir = (((_dog selectionPosition "spine2") vectorFromTo (_dog selectionPosition "leftupleg")) vectorAdd ((_dog selectionPosition "spine2") vectorFromTo (_dog selectionPosition "rightupleg"))) vectorMultiply 0.5; // Vector from model origin to spine _up = (_dog selectionPosition "spine2") vectorFromTo [0,0,0]; // Adding a small offset on the pitch since we are matching to legs, not hips _vest setVectorDirAndUp [[_dir select 0,_dir select 1,(_dir select 2) + 0.4],_up]; It's a little funky on death, but it works. The major problem now is that the centre of the vest is not the actual centre, so when the dog sits, the vest starts moving behind the dog. Is there a way to set the model centre of the vest? Or to calculate attachTo with an offset on the vest and not just the dog?
  12. PortalGunner

    AttachTo Vest to a Dog [Script]

    What a cute dog johnnyboy. An update: In some respect I have pitch working, but it does not bank/roll with the dog when it keels over (and dies). As well as this, the offset of the vest model means that when it sits, the vest moves off behind of the body! With: _tilt = (_dog selectionPosition "spine2") vectorFromTo (_dog selectionPosition "hips"); _vest setVectorDirAndUp [[0.01,-0.99,_tilt select 2],[0.01,0.01,-0.99]]; vectorCrossProduct from the snippet I posted earlier is just returning [0,0,0]
  13. PortalGunner

    AttachTo Vest to a Dog [Script]

    I believe vectorDir is similar to vectorFromTo but uses the direction of the 'object' itself rather than the direction between two mempoints (hip/spine). Still, I will test it. It's the man himself! That screenshot is hilarious but awesome! Attaching to spine means its position will always be in the right place, no matter the dogs animation. Unfortunately that only works for the position, not rotation, so when the dog sits, the vest will stay horizontal and not pitch with the dogs back. Hence the use of setVectorDirAndUp. I'm not sure setting the vest as a simple object is necessary if you then use attachTo. Something I might try:
  14. PortalGunner

    AttachTo Vest to a Dog [Script]

    If I were any good with models I would certainly be giving those dogs the fashionable outfits they deserve! c; JBOY does have the best dog script in my opinion. This script is basically a small part of my edit of his (I've added too much to list >.>). I might consult him if he isn't busy. Unfortunately working with vectors and vectorDirAndUp is the one area I am not at all experienced in. It might be possible, if I can get the exact pitch/yaw/bank of the dog's spine, to send that data through example 1 from setVectorDirAndUp on the wiki. // set exact yaw, pitch, and roll _y = 45; _p = -80; _r = 0; _vest setVectorDirAndUp [ [ sin _y * cos _p,cos _y * cos _p,sin _p], [ [ sin _r,-sin _p,cos _r * cos _p],-_y] call BIS_fnc_rotateVector2D ]; But getting that data in the first place escapes me. It's also a completely different method than the two scripts I linked to earlier. It might just be easier to find a variant of those that works with the dog model, but finding that is also proving to be a hassle.
  15. Hi there. I have been doing quite a lot of scripting lately and would like to take a shot at maybe slimming this down for my own mission and modifying it so atleast the basics are MP compatible. Would anyone happen to have a clear idea on what exactly the MP compatibility issues have been? I have seen things about feral dogs and AI patrols not working as intended, but my intention is to cut out anything not regarding the player's dog. I also do not plan to run this on Dedi so that eliminates more problems. I will take a look myself and try to convert it to my needs, but I just wanted to see if I could get a clearer idea of any issues I may face. Don't want to bother anyone ·3·
  16. Hi there. So I've been trying to make a script that drops an object on a players head. I need it to be able to work even if the player is standing in a building. The two commands that are supposed to disable collisions are `enableSimulation false` and `disableCollisionsWith`. `disableCollisionsWith` would be harder to implement considering it would have to detect any possible map and mission placed object. And, unfortunately, even though I set Enable Simulation to false for the dropped object, if I am standing under a roof or another object, the obstructing object is destroyed (sometimes exploding) when the falling object lands. player switchMove "HubSpectator_stand"; _unit = player; [] spawn { _cTime = time; _pos = position player; _typeObj = selectRandom ["Land_FieldToilet_F","Land_ToiletBox_F"]; _fallObj = createVehicle [_typeObj, [_pos select 0,_pos select 1,(_pos select 2) + 10], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _fallObj enableSimulationGlobal false; _fallObj allowDamage false; while {(getPosATL _fallObj) select 2 > 0.01} do { sleep 0.01; _fallObj setPosATL [_pos select 0,_pos select 1,((getPosATL _fallObj) select 2) - 0.2]; if (time - _cTime == 5) exitWith {}; }; sleep 5; deleteVehicle _fallObj; }; sleep 1; player setDamage 1.5; player switchMove ""; sleep 5; hideBody _unit; I have tried the non-global `enableSimulation`, as well as `while {!simulationEnabled _fallObj} do` loops. Anyone have any idea how to go about this?
  17. Glad you got it working.You can't avoid that zero divisor error by the way. It's just a part of Warlords - I'm pretty sure you can ignore it.
  18. PortalGunner

    Custom Warlords Scenarios

    The easiest option is to set up your own following the wiki: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_MP_Warlords It's not expected, but to be honest your only other option is to find the mission you want to copy in "<Arma 3 Root Folder>\Addons\missions_f_warlords.pbo" and paste that in your profile's MPMissions to access with the editor. You would then still have to move/add sectors and spawn points, at which point you might as well just take the easier option. I do believe Warlords now allows singleplayer (but never multiplayer) saving, but don't take my word for it.
  19. PortalGunner

    [WIP] Black Hornet PRS

    Well, I was in the early process of creating something similar to this mod before I knew this existed. Guess I don't need to worry about that now '~' No pressure to get it done Nichols. We can be patient! That model is absolutely amazing btw. It's all about balancing to get it just right isn't it ^^; If we can do anything to ease the process don't hesitate to ask.
  20. PortalGunner

    Object collision in script [Help]

    Unfortunately disableCollisionWith is not intended for use between two world objects, regardless of it's description. Also as far as I know, lineIntersectsSurfaces will only detect objects underneath the direct centre of the source, so if the object was big enough and you were standing, say, next to but not under a building, it would not detect it. EnableSimulation confuses me because in several places it says it disables collision - yet that doesn't seem to be the case in this script. I can't even find anything explicitly saying it doesn't disable collision. This whole situation is weirding me out.
  21. Don't mean to necro but thank you for this! Turns out I was getting the arguments from the wrong place (game files themselves), Config Viewer fixed that. Now I can have the Warlords module on our Zeus template begin only if a mission parameter is set.
  22. Great it's here! A couple questions: Is the FALSE/FALSE default config for the vehicle channel intended? And is the "enableTeamSwitch true;" in init.sqf required? Some great improvements in this version! Will be testing it myself shortly. I think the thing I would like to see next would be Zeus compatibility.
  23. Would you still be able to call it with CBA's XEH? If so, you can 'support' CBA without making it a dependency (Can't remember how, you'd have to look at their documentation). This would leave the animations available if you had CBA installed but if not they just wouldn't play. But that still depends on if it can be called as an extended event handler, and whether phronk would even want to work on that in an Addon-Free radio.
  24. From the recent update: Could be useful to fix the reload bug with the radio animation you were using (disable animation if player has started reload and re-enable when they finish [or if they die mid-reload]). I do think it's useful to have some visual feedback for transmitting, so I hope v1.0 comes quickly 😉.
  25. I think a toggle for the entire auto-access would be better, as it allows people to make their own custom solution for it. But that is just my opinion. Replacing the short range model would also make it identical to the radio icon.. which is a good thing, I guess!