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  1. Glad you got it working.You can't avoid that zero divisor error by the way. It's just a part of Warlords - I'm pretty sure you can ignore it.
  2. PortalGunner

    Custom Warlords Scenarios

    The easiest option is to set up your own following the wiki: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_MP_Warlords It's not expected, but to be honest your only other option is to find the mission you want to copy in "<Arma 3 Root Folder>\Addons\missions_f_warlords.pbo" and paste that in your profile's MPMissions to access with the editor. You would then still have to move/add sectors and spawn points, at which point you might as well just take the easier option. I do believe Warlords now allows singleplayer (but never multiplayer) saving, but don't take my word for it.
  3. Well, I was in the early process of creating something similar to this mod before I knew this existed. Guess I don't need to worry about that now '~' No pressure to get it done Nichols. We can be patient! That model is absolutely amazing btw. It's all about balancing to get it just right isn't it ^^; If we can do anything to ease the process don't hesitate to ask.
  4. PortalGunner

    Object collision in script [Help]

    Unfortunately disableCollisionWith is not intended for use between two world objects, regardless of it's description. Also as far as I know, lineIntersectsSurfaces will only detect objects underneath the direct centre of the source, so if the object was big enough and you were standing, say, next to but not under a building, it would not detect it. EnableSimulation confuses me because in several places it says it disables collision - yet that doesn't seem to be the case in this script. I can't even find anything explicitly saying it doesn't disable collision. This whole situation is weirding me out.
  5. Hi there. So I've been trying to make a script that drops an object on a players head. I need it to be able to work even if the player is standing in a building. The two commands that are supposed to disable collisions are `enableSimulation false` and `disableCollisionsWith`. `disableCollisionsWith` would be harder to implement considering it would have to detect any possible map and mission placed object. And, unfortunately, even though I set Enable Simulation to false for the dropped object, if I am standing under a roof or another object, the obstructing object is destroyed (sometimes exploding) when the falling object lands. player switchMove "HubSpectator_stand"; _unit = player; [] spawn { _cTime = time; _pos = position player; _typeObj = selectRandom ["Land_FieldToilet_F","Land_ToiletBox_F"]; _fallObj = createVehicle [_typeObj, [_pos select 0,_pos select 1,(_pos select 2) + 10], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _fallObj enableSimulationGlobal false; _fallObj allowDamage false; while {(getPosATL _fallObj) select 2 > 0.01} do { sleep 0.01; _fallObj setPosATL [_pos select 0,_pos select 1,((getPosATL _fallObj) select 2) - 0.2]; if (time - _cTime == 5) exitWith {}; }; sleep 5; deleteVehicle _fallObj; }; sleep 1; player setDamage 1.5; player switchMove ""; sleep 5; hideBody _unit; I have tried the non-global `enableSimulation`, as well as `while {!simulationEnabled _fallObj} do` loops. Anyone have any idea how to go about this?
  6. Don't mean to necro but thank you for this! Turns out I was getting the arguments from the wrong place (game files themselves), Config Viewer fixed that. Now I can have the Warlords module on our Zeus template begin only if a mission parameter is set.
  7. Great it's here! A couple questions: Is the FALSE/FALSE default config for the vehicle channel intended? And is the "enableTeamSwitch true;" in init.sqf required? Some great improvements in this version! Will be testing it myself shortly. I think the thing I would like to see next would be Zeus compatibility.
  8. Would you still be able to call it with CBA's XEH? If so, you can 'support' CBA without making it a dependency (Can't remember how, you'd have to look at their documentation). This would leave the animations available if you had CBA installed but if not they just wouldn't play. But that still depends on if it can be called as an extended event handler, and whether phronk would even want to work on that in an Addon-Free radio.
  9. From the recent update: Could be useful to fix the reload bug with the radio animation you were using (disable animation if player has started reload and re-enable when they finish [or if they die mid-reload]). I do think it's useful to have some visual feedback for transmitting, so I hope v1.0 comes quickly 😉.
  10. I think a toggle for the entire auto-access would be better, as it allows people to make their own custom solution for it. But that is just my opinion. Replacing the short range model would also make it identical to the radio icon.. which is a good thing, I guess!
  11. In my opinion hints should be a last resort as so many scripts use them. Is it a viable option to have a fake LED on the radio interface that acts as the "Transmitting" light (long-range radio could have something on the LCD screen)? Or possibly a fake switch/button that gets pushed in whenever you're transmitting? Possibly not viable but I'm just trying to think of options. Also, does this mean you plan to readd the Support Channel becoming available for gunners, commanders etc.? If I may, could I request this feature be optional? Kind of removes the point of my 'Artillery & Pilots only' script. The way our missions play out I'd rather not have every tank able to have access to the Support channel. I think the only use our group has for the Global Channel is communicating with Zeus when he's changed sides. We usually do it over Discord, but sometimes its nicer to do it in-game (I know AFAR doesn't support Zeus yet). As such I'm content with losing access to that. I think the only other thing I can think of to mention is that it would be useful if we had a classname array we could add radios from mods to (like Radio Backpacks = long-range radio access; ACE radio; etc.). Probably not important at this point but something to think about. Anyway, don't rush the release!
  12. I'm free most of the time if you need another tester. (Though when I post this it is 9:30pm here) I actually didn't know Global was forced for admin - so I guess that's why I had it. And although I would request you eventually add the Allied channel, I understand if that's out of the scope of the addon. At the same time I hope the support channel is more compatible with mid-mission application of the RTO trait (or was that replaced completely by the list?) ^^;
  13. I think that interface is pretty out of the way, so 👍 I honestly thought it would take longer so if it's coming out in the next week or two then.. awesome! Also, just want to get some confirmation on your plans for Global chat - it was available in the same way Direct was in the last release, which didn't seem right. At the same time if Allied channels are completed that would be cool! But either way I'm glad you decided to rewrite this addon.
  14. So the script I posted in my previous comment successfully manages who has the RTO traits, but it seems with some initial testing there's some problems with AFAR recognising the changed trait when its applied. Is there something I can call that will refresh it? Thanks.
  15. How do you reckon I should go about adding RTO to all Pilots (and possibly Artillery too)? I noticed auto-adding was removed with v0.8, but don't know how to replace that functionality (atleast elegantly) for just the two roles I mentioned. Sorry if I'm asking so many questions btw ^^; If I might suggest something, could the auto-adding be added as a toggle in CFG.sqf? Or was there another reason it was removed. I hope you continue development phronk! Edit: Going to try this Edit2: Got it working: