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  1. Ubuto


    Hello BWMod Team, I realy love your mod and I appreciate your effort to bring the Bundeswehr equipment to the Armaverse ! But I found out that the turret and the gun of the Leopard are missing the "moving" sound. (Tested in SP with only the latest CBA and BWMod from the SWS loaded) And to your little riddle: On this picture you see the hood with the bend at the front and the grill which is typical for the Dingo 2 here a Picture for comparison.
  2. I didn´t know that these bombs are a real thing, until now ! (And your licence disclaimer is abslutely hilarious)
  3. Realy realy nice work you have done here Neddles !!! I would like to see a cover for the sight and two straps for fixating the Mortar.
  4. Thars nice to hear (or reed) ! allso you can run Stable and RC/DEV build at the same time using Game updater from the Arma 3 tools.
  5. Hey Firewill, First I want to thank you for your hard work to bring us so much content we can enjoy for free !!! I have a idea for a new bomb: Since the new Laws of War DLC, where we can drop leaflets with the new drones. I think it would be awsome when we get a PDU-5/B Leaflet Bomb in our arsenal to drop leaflets from our aircrafts. I know they are very special and rare bombs, but they would perfectly fit in the Laws of War theme wich I realy like. And do you adding the new UXO feature from the Laws of War DLC to your cluster bombs ? I appreciate all of your answers and keep up your stunning work !
  6. Ubuto

    Jets DLC Terrains

    setViewDistance 30000; put this line in the player init of every player and you should be fine. You can also change the view distance to every other value by replacing the 30000 to every other view distance you like.
  7. Ubuto

    Jets DLC Terrains

    here you can see the issue on Kandahar: The sat image is shifted to the West compared to the terrain https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/863982936804323175/B2F02361F6AE401D445FE4ACA5D64EE22691B096/
  8. Ubuto

    Jets DLC Terrains

    Hey I just tested your Kandahar map and it seemed that the terrain is wrong compared to the sat image (you can see it at some of the rivers they are going over the top of a mountain) some pictures to show the problem: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/863982847778719647/450BC797839B8321AE2C6C5886DB76CCBE282B84/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/863982847778720541/B30930A28D73A17E05176E628ADA550C4E33CFCD/