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  1. Hey there! I have an object with some proxies in the .p3d file. I would like to be able to do a "setobjecttexture" onto the object and change some selections textures in game. Unfortunately, the texture doesn't change on proxy objects (same hiddenselection name). I worked through this page https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Setting_Textures_for_Wrecks and tried to adapt this to my problem but no success so far. Anybody who got some experience with this topic? Essentially i want to be able to change the texture of an object and its containing proxies. Thanks in advance!
  2. PhoenixArma

    AI won´t shoot if server is owner

    Okay I found the error: In the .arma3profile on the server I've hosted the mission on is a parameter for preferredobjectviewdistance. The value was too low so it can be fixed with running "setobjectviewdistance 2000" in the initserver. Seems like AI (with owner Server) can't shoot farther than the objectviewdistance on the server. Thanks anyway!
  3. Hello, I've got the following problem: I spawn some AI with a script (via createUnit) in a region on the map. Those spawned AI units don´t shoot at players if i host the mission on a server. They react to my(player) presents and switch to combat mode, run around, etc. but they won't shoot at me. Confirmed details: - Player is Blufor - AI is Opfor - AI switches to Combat Mode if player is present - AI has enough ammo - AI is capable to react (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/enableAI) - Center is created (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createCenter) - Relations are correct (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setFriend) I´ve tested the following: - Spawn the AI in the editor -> they shoot me. - Host a local server and spawn the AI -> they shoot me. - Switch AI owner on server from server to player ({_x setOwner (owner(allPlayers select 0));} foreach allUnits;) -> they shoot me. Seems like the AI only shoot its owner on the server... Any suggestions how I can fix this? Thanks!
  4. PhoenixArma

    AI won´t shoot if server is owner

    Yeah that's right! It's not really part of the problem but more correct i guess. Since in my example every unit is in it's own group I think ist doesn't matter that much.
  5. Hello, Quick question about procedural textures: Is it possible to combine them or blend them with a mask or something (like multimaterial but with rgb colors) ? For example: can I create a 4x4px image where the upper row is red and the lower row is blue? Thanks!
  6. Hello Guys, I want to ask you about some ideas and concepts for a new Arma 3 game mode. The focuses lies on a muliplayer gamemode, which ideally do not require a database (there is no problem if there's a need to but its easier without). This can range from 5v5 (project argo, rainbowsix, cod search and destroy) like mode to a big 64vs64 (bf conquest, tank/jet only) mode. It can also contain some mods or be a fully modded experience, but don't have to. Personally, I quite like the idea of crysis wars power struggle mode or something in that direction. Alternatively I like the idea of having a fully populated island you can travel around with ambient life and stuff, outposts you have to take and so on, like in the far cry series. But i have no clue how to include a multiplayer mode around that. Im quite experienced in scripting in arma as well as modding so there are no restrictions at all. What do you think people would enjoy playing in Arma?