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  1. Mifune.N

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Is there a mod for AI getting hit by gunfire? Causing them to react realistically, in terms of visual animation blending (flinching, falling,down, etc) but also in terms of reduced ability to return fire accurately. I've seen several ragdoll mods, none of which seem to be currently active or ACE medical compatible. There's a mod called "realistic hit reactions" but it's not maintained or compatible AFAIK. Thanks for any info! I'd think this mod could work by blending ragdoll IK animations over FK canned animations, while temporally affecting AI's aiming and firing. At a threshold of KN force, AI could fall over, trip.
  2. Awesome AI mod, thanks for the hard work! I do wonder, is it possible to fine-tune the individual AI skills, such as aiming accuracy, and reaction time? VCOM and ASRAI3 allow that on a side basis, and also for individual factions. What are the skills being set to currently? I ask this because I like to run missions with my faction AI set to very high skill, behaving similar to human players. High accuracy, spotting, quick reactions. Whereas, I make enemy militia AI much less accurate, slower reaction time, poorer at spotting etc. The logic being my SF type squad should usually spot first, shoot further, more accurately, and win in a CQB situation. Which I find very hard to simulate with vanilla AI settings. Thanks!
  3. Hi genesis92x, Thankd for the awesome AI mod! Regarding installation of the user config file, is the following correct? filepatching must be enabled in ARMA init VCM_USECBASETTINGS = false; Is the proper path to the config file:: in the mod folder itself: Arma 3\@Vcom AI V3.3.2\userconfig\userconfig\VCOM\AIsettingsV3.hpp or in the separate "userconfigs" folder? i.e. Arma3\userconfig\VCOM\AIsettingsV3.hpp thanks! (and hope to get full CBA configuration back when you have time!)
  4. Is the Laser locking broken? Tried using multiple types of Hellfire and DAGR, with a copilot targeting laser, and haven't been able to get missiles tracking. Procedure using ACE was: * Copilot lase target * Pilot selects DAGR or Hellfire * Pilot presses "T" and gets open box reticle on target. (Doesn't look "locked" but all I've been able to get. Also doesn't seem to track lase.) * Pilot launches, rocket does not track. So is this broken or are we doing it wrong?
  5. Mifune.N

    ASR AI 3

    Awesome thanks! I see the new option in the menu
  6. Mifune.N

    ASR AI 3

    That sounds like what I want, but where do I enable it? I'm really confused if you're telling me to set the ARMA vanilla AI settings to 1, (as in the default menus, GUI slider bars for skill and accuracy) ... OR if it's set elsewhere, like text editing the .conif file. If it's the config.sqf, what line exactly do I need to add? Could you walk me through it? Is there documentation somewhere I'm missing? I could perhaps help write a doc if that would be helpful for others to share this info. Thanks!
  7. Mifune.N

    ASR AI 3

    OK. Thanks for the reply! Confused ... but close to a breakthrough! Do you mean set vanilla skill setting to "1" i.e. full bar? I thought ASR would override AI skill based on unit type...? Or do you mean level 1 in your AI config file? As in the following. Thank again so much. If there's a asr_ai3_main_sets = [ // for each level: skilltype, [<min value>, <random value added to min>] [ "general",[1.00,0.0], "aiming",[1.00,0.0], "spotting",[1.00,0.0] ], // 0: super-AI (only used for testing) [ "general",[0.90,0.1], "aiming",[0.85,0.2], "spotting",[0.80,0.1] ], // 1: sf 1 [ "general",[0.85,0.1], "aiming",[0.85,0.2], "spotting",[0.80,0.1] ], // 2: sf 2 (recon units, divers and spotters) [ "general",[0.80,0.1], "aiming",[0.40,0.1], "spotting",[0.30,0.1] ], // 3: regular 1 (regular army leaders, marksmen) [ "general",[0.75,0.1], "aiming",[0.30,0.1], "spotting",[0.25,0.1] ], // 4: regular 2 (regulars) [ "general",[0.70,0.1], "aiming",[0.15,0.1], "spotting",[0.20,0.1] ], // 5: militia or trained insurgents, former regulars (insurgent leaders, marksmen) [ "general",[0.65,0.1], "aiming",[0.10,0.1], "spotting",[0.15,0.1] ], // 6: some military training (insurgents) [ "general",[0.60,0.1], "aiming",[0.05,0.1], "spotting",[0.10,0.1] ], // 7: no military training [ "general",[0.80,0.1], "aiming",[0.60,0.1], "spotting",[0.55,0.1] ], // 8: pilot 1 (regular) [ "general",[0.75,0.1], "aiming",[0.15,0.1], "spotting",[0.45,0.1] ], // 9: pilot 2 (insurgent) [ "general",[0.90,0.1], "aiming",[0.85,0.3], "spotting",[0.90,0.1] ] // 10: sniper
  8. Mifune.N

    ASR AI 3

    Back in July we talked about setting AI class skill and I've been manually editing the classes in the .cfg. I'm wondering though: is it possible to set a new class of AI for [player_unit] ? To allow SP player AI units to be more like human players and more useful... Foxmod AI tweaks is supposed to do that: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1052042270 but I don't think it's working or is in conflict. Thanks again, awesome mod!
  9. tpw - I deleted the animation pbo and now the problem is fixed with AI. Thanks!
  10. Awesome mod, one of my favorites. The HUD alone is a huge improvement for "high tech" ops. Thank you! A bug report tho: something is breaking AI and animations when ACE is also enabled. Verified it's broken an Dynamic Recon Ops, and ANTISTASI. Basically, AI often freezes/interrupts and refuses to follow orders. Also, there's a glitch where the animation pauses in mid stride at the end of a movement, i.e. it doesn't go to a "rest/waiting" state. This makes me think some AI call is not being completely resolved or passed back to idle. I tried _disabling_ everything but the HUD, and it's still broken. I noticed the commented out line: //animationsActivePlaceholder = 1; and there's a bunch of animation speed settings... Would setting that to 0 perhaps fix the issue? Thanks
  11. @TPW, awesome mod, thanks for all the work! I'm wondering if there's a way to fine-tune the HUD detection values? How does it work now? I assume it uses default LOS checks, within a range parameter, and then multiplies that by deterioration %. Is it possible to degrade it further? For example to have slower recognition, even slower friendly/foe recognition, require a larger percentage to be visible or for multiple checks, factor in camo and IR, etc. possibly create false positives on animals, etc. Just wondering if all this is even possible, or if it's hard coded in ARMA. Thanks!
  12. Mifune.N

    ASR AI 3

    Great AI mod, thanks Robalo! I don't know if this has already been asked/answered, but is there a list somewhere of which unit types by AI category? For example, snipers are snipers, but which troops are SF1, SF2, etc. In the editor I see some units have the ASR icon beside them, while others do not.... Also, my understanding is that by default ASR completely overwrites the default skill settings in all missions, for ALL units? (assuming override is checked in the ASR settings.) As an example, if I'm playing Dynamic Recon Ops SP, and I set my units to be "recon" type, they use the SF2 skill levels? Thanks!