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  1. Duartz

    Leaderboards havent updated all day !

    Yap please devs take a look into leaderboards... it doesn't track anything.
  2. Duartz

    Ask us anything!

    All the time, i feel ignored in this forum by devs... :'(
  3. Duartz

    Xbox 360 controller problems

    Why Xbox360 controller? You have no chance vs a player with Keyboard and Mouse!
  4. Duartz

    Feedback Thread

    It's still an abuse, because if you hide your level you are at least 5 lvl or more... There will be a team of hidding levels vs level 1 team! :D
  5. Duartz

    Resetting progress?

    Create a new account.
  6. Duartz

    Ask us anything!

    Do you guys have plans to make this game a competitive one in a pro league (ESL)? If yes, what is the main game mode for that (Link, Raid or Clash)?
  7. Duartz

    Feedback Thread

    Yes, the uniforms need to be more visibly distinct and the green one has advantage in the florest scenario... Devs have to do something about that!
  8. Duartz

    Connection failed.

    Problem solved! Desactivate Gamer Mode on router! Screenshot
  9. Duartz

    Connection failed.

    Anyway to troubleshooting using connection logs? Where can i find it?
  10. Duartz

    low on fps

    Try this Video Configs! Good Luck!
  11. Duartz

    FPS optimization

    I shittin myself with this configs :D 80-90 fps in-game (GTX970)
  12. Duartz

    Loadouts - the problems

    Same thing happens to me!
  13. Duartz

    Feedback Thread

    But, It was enough to reset only the weapons, grenades and armor. The loadouts names and appearance should not be changed.
  14. Duartz

    a hacker in an official server

    Is true... if he is lagging like this, he shouldn't be allowed to play on a server. This is not playable or even fair to the others.
  15. Duartz

    Game lag stutters

    Try this Video Settings! Good Luck!