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  1. It is dead right? It is almost 2018 and there are no APCs, Leopards and other things mentioned in the first post
  2. where do I need to paste it? init?
  3. I've done it many times, but they were walking on the side of the road and their movement was irregular. Withous commands I couldn't make something like this
  4. It works! The second option which includes animations is the best solution. I've already tried to use walking animation, but AI did only 5 steps maybe and then they stopped moving. I thought that looping the animation might work, but i didn't know how to do that. The solution came with your Now the AIs are walking straight and they aren't stopping!
  5. Im trying to create a ArmA III super-epic movie, but i can't cuz' im total greenhorn. I stuck at first scene - im trying to make scene where soldiers are marching on the road in few columns. I was trying to spawn an infantry squad (i set it to "safe" etc.) then i set formation to column. Well... They were walking but not straight. They decided to walk on the roadside (i wanted them to walk straight in the middle of the road) and their march wasn't perfect also - instead of straight walking, sometimes they were making turns and other strange moves. So i decided to record few paths so they could march like soldiers on a parade. Everything is OK, but... They are moving without using their legs. It looks like they're skateboarding on invisible skateboard. Any ideas? How can i fix that? Or maybe you have easier solutions...