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    Zeus hearing players' local chat

    Hey, Sorry can you explain a little bit more of how to do this?
  2. Hi Firewill, Is the AWS ADES integrated for the FA-18 Superhornet?
  3. Hi peeps, A question on the FA-18 F, for the WSO when they they press CTL T and get into the ALTFLIR targeting pod, when they lase the a target me as a pilot can't lock onto the lase? I've tried GBU-12 and AGM-65 supplied by the FA-18's but it simply doesn't work. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Can someone please help. :) Also I can't see the GBU38 in the service menu anymore has this been completely removed?
  4. Task Force 159 WHAT DO WE DO? We bring realism and tactical gameplay to those who have the kind of relaxed but serious missions that fits the Task Force’s mentality. We provide realistic scenarios, and approach them in our own unique way, by employing various tactics used by today’s armies to get the job done. OPERATIONS We realise that you have a life outside of the unit so we are very flexible with you. Also, some members of our unit own separate servers apart from the Task Force 159 servers. Whenever we are not doing something on the TF159 server we are most likely doing some type of OP on these private servers. These Private Server OPs happen almost daily, so because of this we do not make it mandatory to show up to every TF159 Main OP. OPPORTUNITY FOR ADVANCEMENT All members of the unit must go through basic infantry training however once that training is done you may choose to specialise in another field. These fields include, • Marksmanship and Long Distance Sniping- In this course you will learn how to calculate ballistics, Cover and Concealment, and how to communicate with other ground elements. • Advance Medical course- this course will teach you everything you need to know about the medical system in ACE, making you a battlefield surgeon • Pilot Course- this course will teach you the advanced flight model, how to provide CAS effectively, and how to be an effective transport pilot. • A Mechanised Infantry course- this course will teach you how to operate An IFV and how to operate as a mechanized infantry unit. • Special Forces Unit- this course will teach you how to operate in a cohesive unit using superior tactics and communication to annihilate the enemy. There will be more courses coming soon, and we are always open to suggestions for a course. Personally about me I started off on the 77th and joined a small community of excellent players. If you have any questions, feel free to add me on steam. Fudge Website http://www.taskforce159.co.uk/