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  1. BlueArrow

    Animate shaders

    You could go the extra mile and do hardcore wind/fabric simulations in 3ds max or Blender, and then bake them into an animation. So the short animation just loops making it look like a simulation. No actual simulations in game. Maybe try to link the animation with movement speed of the boat. Seems a bit much just for a boat sail. But its an option you could try exploring.
  2. I see. And don't have much experience with making custom foliage that's not renders. Have you tried duplicating the planes and flipping the normals like in O2? It seems to work very well for me and would be better then having to wait until your in O2 to do everything.
  3. how O2 and 3ds max generate 2 sided polygons might be different. So what works in 3ds max might not register in O2 or arma. This is why you will have to make adjustments in O2. But when modeling in 3ds max, yes you can make the model have 2 sided geometry. Assign a basic/standard material to the object. Under the material options click the "2-sided" box. The object will now appear 2-sided in the viewport and when you render images. But you might have to remove or change the material before exporting the model, not sure. Also select the geometry or model, right click > Object Properties > under General tab; make sure you turn off "backface Cull" If "Backface Cull" is on, the back of geometry, such as inside a sphere or cube will be see through, even with 2-sided option on. //-- This is for 3ds Max 2017, some of these options might have different names or be in different places for later versions
  4. BlueArrow

    Ragdoll Physics Plus+ v1.0

    Wow V0.3 looks really good. Especially when the soldiers fall on the hills or elevated terrain. Nice work
  5. still no luck. I know the following is the 3rd person camera positioning. class CfgVehicles { class Man; class CAManBase: Man { extCameraPosition[]={0.40000001,-0.2,-1.2}; }; }; But have no idea how to make it have effects like a first person camera (motion blur while the soldier doesn't blur). The only other cameras I could find are the splended camera settings and eden editor. But literally can't find the First Person code(functions/configs that build the camera) :(
  6. BlueArrow

    Call in a chopper

    Its also a post from 2013 :P
  7. Hey guys, I'm trying to add motion blur to 3rd person view. In this case the rotation blur in ARMA III. It exists for First Person view but does not effect 3rd Person. The initial idea was to find the camera settings for post processing and copy/paste over to the 3rd person camera settings, but it clearly isn't that simple, as there does not seem to be separate camera files or configs to change or script for. [exp: 3rdPersonCamera.cfg] Looking for any help with scripting rotational blur into the 3rd person camera. Of course players can turn it off if they turn rotational blur to 0 in the video settings. Side Note: I realise motion blur can be annoying and distracting in first person, but a lot of newer games are adding it for 3rd person, as if its a sign of a nex-gen game or modern engine *rolls eyes*
  8. Thank you for the replies, this helps a lot. surprised there isn't a movement mod/script already. ARMA's FPS movement is pretty rough, even for realism or mil-sim standards. And I'm also sure there are people that would like to make things similar to DOOM, Resident Evil, GTA or RTS games. All sorts of ideas that all require completely different movement values.
  9. Digging deeper, all I could find that was interesting was under ARMA 3 addons; inside characters_f.pbo > config.bin It appears that a 'class CfgVehicles' is being used to define the player model parameters instead of actual vehicles, such as; class CfgVehicles etc,etc,etc ....... }; }; class CAManBase: Man { author="$STR_A3_Bohemia_Interactive"; _generalMacro="CAManBase"; picture=""; Icon="iconMan"; fsmDanger="-"; moves="CfgMovesMaleSdr"; gestures="CfgGesturesMale"; bonePrimaryWeapon="weapon"; formationTimeDiving=2; formationTimeSwimming=3; movesFatigue="CfgMovesFatigue"; AnimEffectShortExhaust=0.0049999999; AnimEffectShortRest=0.050000001; oxygenCapacity=80; triggerAnim="A3\anims_f\data\Anim\sdr\trigger.rtm"; woman=0; faceType="Man_A3"; minGunElev=-80; maxGunElev=60; minGunTurn=-1; maxGunTurn=1; minGunTurnAI=-30; maxGunTurnAI=30; extCameraPosition[]={0.22,0.050000001,-2.2}; class HeadLimits; boneHead="head"; boneHeadCutScene="headcutscene"; boneLEye="eyeleft"; boneREye="eyeright"; boneLEyelidUp="face_eyelidupperleft"; boneREyelidUp="face_eyelidupperright"; boneLEyelidDown="face_eyelidlowerleft"; boneREyelidDown="face_eyelidlowerright"; boneLPupil="l_pupila"; boneRPupil="r_pupila"; minHeadTurnAI=-60; maxHeadTurnAI=60; class ViewPilot: ViewPilot { minFov=0.25; maxFov=1.25; initFov=0.75; initAngleX=8; minAngleX=-85; maxAngleX=85; initAngleY=0; minAngleY=-150; maxAngleY=150; }; ISangleMod[]={0.1,0.029999999,0.1}; ISrecoilMod[]={0,0,0.2}; ISspeedMod[]={9.9999997e-005,9.9999997e-005,0}; ISmaxTurn=0.5; ISanimMod[]={0.029999999,0.059999999,0.039999999}; class HitPoints { class HitFace { armor=1; material=-1; name="face_hub"; passThrough=0.1; radius=0.079999998; explosionShielding=0.1; minimalHit=0.0099999998; Near the bottom we have ISangleMod, ISrecoilMod, ISspeedMod, ISmaxTurn, ISanimMod, but no documentation exists in the wiki concerning these values or how to implement them. Also you can change values of oxygen levels, Gun elevation, fatigue animation speed, etc. But still nothing on what would increase strafe speed, or increase tactical pace speed or sprint. Maybe the only way is to nuke the mass of the player and weight of objects?
  10. Hey guys, spent some time searching the forums for info on configuring or setting Movement speed values for the player, or all players, infantry or civilians. Specifically Tactical, Walk, Strafe and Sprint speeds. I can't seem to find any commands related to this, whether console commands or creating a custom script. All I found was for vehicles or setVector commands. I couldn't find anything anywhere for player movement speeds, nothing in the forums, nothing on youtube, no mods anywhere either. At this point I'm wondering if its hardcoded and there's no way to change these values for soldiers.