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  1. _Kilo_

    GF Headshot + Killfeed Script

    Love the Script! thank You! Could you possibly show us how to adjust if we just want 1 or two killfeed scripts to show up?Looking in the Killfeed_GF.sqf But, I'm not much of a scripter. Just looking for the lines to // null out Thx. [APS]_Kilo_
  2. REALLY LOVE THIS MOD! We are currently testing on our Public PVP/Coop Servers. Everything works great! Only two minor issues we're having. No Killfeed showing opfor/blufor kill messages. So, added a killfeed script to the server. Other thing is i'm looking in the fn_stabilize.sqf for the medic uninjured timer? "(stabilized unit stop to bleed and cant die trough the revive timer.)" We want the medic to be just as vulnerable as all the other players. How do I adjust this? Thanks so much for your Work! ~Cheers~ [APX]_Kilo_
  3. _Kilo_


    My Group ran it last week.Intro scene etc. Was Fantastic! We had a Blast! Cheers!
  4. @Psychobastard Really love the Script! I'm trying to add a Medivac vehicle. Not wanting to use a Blackfish or Tent etc. Am new to the world of scripting and syntax..lol Does it use the class Name?? Wanting to use the uh-60m MEV (ESSS) medical transport, CUP_B_CH47F_USA or taro pods.. Really Appreciate all your hard work. Thx
  5. _Kilo_


    Has Ravage been updated for Multiplayer yet?? Going through 217 pages on this forum is going to drive me nuts!! Thx
  6. _Kilo_

    Jets DLC Purchase

    @Greenfist, Thank you Very Much. That was my problem. Much appreciated! Cheers
  7. _Kilo_

    Jets DLC Purchase

    Hello there, i purchased the Jets DLC on the 3rd. I have a paypal receipt. It says I do not have the DLC and Need to purchase it.... Could someone please fix this? You sent a payment of $10.79 USD to Bohemia Interactive Studio s.r.o. (ota@bistudio.com) It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account. Merchant Description Unit price Qty Amount Arma 3 Jets $10.79 USD 1 $10.79 USD Subtotal $10.79 USD Total $10.79 USD Payment $10.79 USD Charge will appear on your credit card statement as "PAYPAL *BISTUDIO" Payment sent to ota@bistudio.com Invoice ID: 865098
  8. Really Love what's come from the CUP's Team's hard work and dedication! We run all Cups/RHS mods on our APX insurgency servers. Having the Dev Branch would be a welcome tool. Really Glad to have folks around here, who love Arma 2 as much as I do and want to see some of the Great things it has to offer come to Arma 3. Have brought some Arma 2 maps over to Arma 3 with me. Working on an [APX] insurgency on Taviana at the moment. Is there a plan in the works for the Arma 2 tracks to be used with (ATS) Advanced Simulator? Would be Epic if I could get the Tracks working on Taviana. Thx [APX]_Kilo_
  9. I run some Arma 3 Servers and have been trying to get this Beautiful Add on to work on my servers.... I have no error reports from Battle eye,Infistar, Can get in Trains on tanoa using Tanoa trains and Cups trains on Cups maps.. But, they don't move? I really, really, really want this to work on Our Insurgency Servers. any help would be great, Thx [APX] Kilo