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  1. Hi there! Thanks for the catch, we will look at that. Regards.
  2. Hi there, sorry to hear that, could you please attach dump files?
  3. Hi, we know about that, it's in "work in progress" and fix should be out soon. :)
  4. Crash reproduced, we will take a look. thanks! :)
  5. Fix should be here soon, thanks. :)
  6. Hi there, we will take a look. Thanks for your deep testing of this bug! :)
  7. Hi, tanks for the catch! Fix is on its way. :)
  8. Thanks, we already found what was wrong, should be fixed in next version. :) Have a nice day!
  9. Hi, about persistence error - could you please attach your save files?
  10. Thanks, we will check that. :)
  11. Hello, could you please attach mission where it happens? :) Thanks
  12. Hi, this is already known and fix should be published soon. :)
  13. Nice catch! We will look on that, thanks. :)
  14. Are you using any mods or community Zeus maps? Could you please try to reproduce this crash with vanilla ZGM mission, without any mods running? :) Or attach last crash report, based in C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\Arma 3 And there find *arma.rpt file and dumps files - be sure, that all file are from last session.
  15. Hi, could you please provide more information? Crash dumps and RPT files will be nice help. Thanks! :)
  16. Hi, thanks! We will look on that. :) Cheers
  17. Hi, we are not able to reproduce it here, could you please provide repro mission or steps to reproduce? :) Cheers!
  18. Hello, thanks for re-checking, we will look on that. :) Cheers
  19. Hi there! We are dealing with this issue. :) Thanks for your feedback and stay tuned! :))
  20. I see that, in higher speeds with this kind bomb reproduced. We will look on that, thanks. :) Regards.
  21. Hello, I am not able to reproduce it here, all unguided bombs dropped from plane (even via CAS support), hits targeted area as they should. Could you provide please more information or optionally video? Thanks and regards! :)
  22. Hi there, will be fixed soon, thanks! :)
  23. Hello, thanks for your feedback, will be fixed in next version. :) Regards.
  24. Hi, sent to our animators, thanks! :)