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  1. UDIE

    Argo Supporter's Pack on Steam?

    Argo is technically without official support now, for over a year. there a few custom servers, they provide most of the weapons available in game
  2. on the gom dynamic loadout thread there is a fix for this issue, im not sure if you follow it, but i tested and it worked in our situation. maybe it could work for yours too))
  3. this works for me in my scenario, we dont use the dynamic loadout script but we were having the same problem clearing the mystery pylons as well do you mind if i include in our missions ?
  4. it seems to be the inboard pylon on some but not all aircraft.. i have checked in our script, which does this as well and at least they are not able to be rearmed, i believe it has something to do with the default presets here... these are the things that always end up "back" https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/517589978025426944/533861872378576897/ArmA_3_Screenshot_2019.01.12_-_23.15.03.96.png
  5. the 2nd, 3rd scripts are not yours , just showing similarities. and why we went looking for a new one. using setdamage on these , pylons still load fine. we arent using an eh for handle damage, 2nd, 3rd scripts it was more to show that we have the same problem with the ah64 and the mi24 as in video. and the mystery pylon. i was using rhs in this case sorry i didnt specify, i do not see this problem with cup with the ah64 either havent tested mi24 thanks for watching it, it was longer than i would have liked. it seems to happen when you take the defaults away. if you test in rhs, customize the pylons or empty pylons, and you will see same as picture above I looked at some cup stuff too some stuff is perfect, other stuff, is as above.
  6. Ty for the quick reply. works great, we moved it into the init script for now, there is.. a problem, not unlike the problem we have in our current scripting some vehicles seem to respawn with a pylon that doesnt belong (its actually the default pylon for that position, but it shows a weapon, with no mags) i made a video, as short as possible. there are 2 ah64 and two mi24-p one of each has empty plyons. in your script all is well except for the extras.. (first mission) in our script.. the same results(second mission) in our attempt to fix our script.. we were not able to return ammo to the turret weapon.. (third mission) this affects countermeasures.. a gun if its assigned to the pilot, and sometimes laser designator. i showed this in some jets on the last mission. the reason we are looking for solution is because it would be possible for one to rearm this pylon at a truck and, its kinda annoying to have red for no reason lol. it would appear as though you are an expert in this area ))
  7. Hey Pierre, just trying this out, it maybe just what we need, having problems getting dynamic loadouts back, ive used your second script with 0 = [[],"start",10,true,true] spawn MGI_fnc_VehicleRespawn; at the end i put it in a trigger with true instead of this but the vehicles are respawning with the original loadouts. https://imgur.com/a/a4wbSkk -Trigger https://imgur.com/a/DsChYVr - before respawn https://imgur.com/a/rED97WV- after respawn no scripting here other than the trigger. if you need video i can do that )
  8. Having some issues with respawning dynamic loadouts. Maybe someone out there has encountered this problem before. we have a script that works but it "could be better" there are 2 problems. 1 when the helo respawns it has the proper textures for the selected loadout in editor. but it also when enter the chopper shows usually at least one empty pylon making the player (if he knows) have to press f to get to an missile/rocket as in this video 2 When the helo respawns even though it assigns the proper missile to the pilot/gunner position, some aircraft require to switch to manual fire, for the radar mark a target (pressing t) id happily give up my Christmas stocking if there was a way to avoid this, and have the missiles act as they do before respawn (without the need to switch to manual fire first) if anyone has any ideas ... it would be much appreciated
  9. just gave it a look alone.. it has good performance :) ill show my team and see how they like it. does your team play this game mode at all? our server can be found by searching C5 or AAS in the steam browser we are always adding new features for added fun :)
  10. Do you mind if we put this through its paces? Im a member of Cerberus 5 , we have played AAS for years at the very least we could give you some good feedback :)
  11. Yes ill look at file a bug report, it is easy to reproduce in a simple script. it only seems to be the ah99, i tested it yesterday in your mission just changing the default weapons over to pilot control, not change the amount or placement, still get the crash. im hoping in the future more choppers use this system :)
  12. I had been thinking more along the lines of a script that may use some of your functions that would find and replace any missiles (for the pilot to control) at the start of a mission with no ui.. maybe heli pylons are not sufficiently supported yet, the problem with the ah99 crashing the game if you give pilot missile control.. i mean..
  13. would there me a to use this if you didnt mind, to just switch the weapon ownership to pilot instead of gunner, without remove and readd everything?
  14. Grumpy, In my original file i had GOM_fnc_allowAllPylons set to false, I changed to true but the problem persisted, it is only with the ah99, maybe weird fitting pylons, i had someone else come to my local server and they experienced the same crash while trying to give the pilot control of dagr or hellfires. the vanilla opfor chopper works fine, as well as another chopper from cup , for changing the lockable weapon to the pilot. and it locks too.. this was what i was looking for, it is a great script, terrible timing though as we just finished a lock on script for pilots lol..
  15. Hadnt tried this, I really dont think its the mission, I ended up with the same sort of crash when i tried to assign hellfire to pilot in the editor before i found this I shall give it a try though thx