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  1. Ah, that's great info. Many thanks!
  2. New question! So I have upped the quality in my satellite image. Before this my sat was 9 MB. Now it is 470 MB. I have tried several times importing it into TB but 1) it takes several hours 2) it freezes or just doesn't import. Of course, the issue is probably the size. So my question is this: what do you guys do when importing sat img's to TB? Split it up into 1-4 pieces? Reduce the quality/file size?
  3. First of all, I don't know which sub forum this question should be placed under. If it's placed incorrectly, I apologize. My question is as follows: is it possible/do-able to script in some northern lights into the night sky? Have anyone tried something like that before?
  4. Looks fantastic, really! It looks just like it does in real life;) Great work with that tunnel. I'm gonna try that out on my project. Maybe we can expect some screenshots of Kobbvatn in the near future?
  5. bounceFM

    Nord, Arctic circle map II

    No, I am not. The map I'm making is from Mistfjorden / Sjunkhatten National Park. I haven't posted anything about my project here since it's my first time with terrains. Kobbsvatn looks absolutely incredible. That tunnel! Crazy. So thank you for bringing it to my attention! // sorry for off topic.
  6. bounceFM

    Nord, Arctic circle map II

    Looks great! And very familiar, I see my neighbourhood!;) One question- what ground texture did you use in this photo? here I'm working on a map myself (Bodø area), but I'm very new to all this.
  7. That might be it. But I suspect I have placed "newRoadsShape" wrong in the config. Where should it be placed? This is what my config looks like without the "newRoadsShape". And thanks for the fast reply! EDIT: I figured it out
  8. Thank you, It worked for me when I did one change. Instead of exporting as a document I had to export as 'current layer'. Otherwise it was a no-go. Anyways, I still have a problem. My roads show up fine in Buldozer. But after I export .wrp and crunch the .pbo and try the map out in-game, it doesn't show any roads. Only loads of random dirt roads placed wherever (under the sea, into the forest etc). This was a problem even before I started placing roads on my map. Actually, while typing this, do you guys think it have something to do with the already placed roads in the Atlas guide default/test map? If that sentence was understandable...
  9. Thanks. That's one of the guides I followed. Unless I'm missing something it doesn't show how I can change road type.
  10. Roads. I am having a little problem here. In every guide (for roads) I've tried to follow have like five different road types (gravel, dirt, bike, city, highway etc). But when I make a polyline in TB, and all the other steps as in the guides, it always becomes gravel (or maybe it's dirt) road. Am I missing something? Because I can't find anywhere how to change the road type. In RoadsLib.cfg it says: But how can I manually change from country road to city road? Is there something I need to change, maybe the layer name in shapes (layers manager) or the number in database properties? Thanks for any help.
  11. Hey again guys. I'm still working on my terrain and I have now finally managed to match the satellite images to the terrain almost perfectly. Now I'm gonna start placing stuff. What do you recommend using? Xcam, map builder, buldozer/tb (I can't figure how to place things using buldozer?). Also, I've been looking for 'how-to's' about making ponds, lakes and rivers. I see m1lkm8n have lot's of cool stuff on his YouTube page about it. I'm thinking I will download DBO Ponds from Armaholic and try those out. Any other suggestions? I can post some pictures of the terrain if anyone is interested.
  12. Amazingly, It worked. I re-did my config file and tried crunching it again, got two errors about missing files during the packing (pboproject), fixed those, tried again, and it worked. I have now tried loading it into Arma and Editor. Works great. Now I'm gonna work on the height map and fix those black spots and get a better mask+sat photo. The help I have recieved has been absolutely fantastic, without doubt I could never have done it without you guys. Thank you so, so much! But I fear I will return soon when something else is bothering me and my .wrp ;-) EDIT: Actually, how do I go on with fixing my .asc height map? As you can see (picture) there are a few black spots.
  13. Thanks, I will try that!
  14. Yes it looks fine and all. Right proportions and sat+mask is applied . But according to pboproject there is always something wrong with my .wrp. Weird, because the default map I made from the Atlas guide worked with pboproject.