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    Thanks! Going to update then.
  2. I have manual updates on, got tired of having to wait for the game to update. Going to update now though thanks a bunch!
  3. Frootloopsit


    Hi thanks for the reply, i am using version 1.62 and i am starting an existing mission. The Altis one that is with the ravage mod.
  4. Frootloopsit


    Hi i am having a problem with your mod, i will spawn into the game and the games closes and says "Bad version 73 in p3d file ' ravage\assets\items\toolbox.p3d' " Any ideas on how to fix this?
  5. Okay so before adding a bunch of addons/mods the game ran fine... now that all the addons/mods are added i will reach the main menu and the game will close saying this https://gyazo.com/c331d52bd361224aee925788fff282c6 Here's a list of the mods/addons i added: https://gyazo.com/da298aafb0af74ed4ea55bba6633211e Any ideas on how to fix this??
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    Spyder Addons

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    AutoPilot Script