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  1. The bridge is too low for SPEEDBOAT MINIGUN to pass under. https://imgur.com/a/hUFezHM
  2. @Atmo Give me a sample mission, please. AllDead is still increasing in my case.
  3. magicsrp

    Ghost Missions

    Thanks for updating. I'm looking forward to you releasing. There is no such thing as "No bugs".
  4. magicsrp

    Ghost Missions

    The Base moved into the aircraft carrier, so need to consider the ATL position on the Carrier at "functions\client\fn_puavsupport.sqf": Change this line into new one: _air1 setposatl [_pos select 0, _pos select 1, 1.5]; ---> _air1 setposatl [_pos select 0, _pos select 1, (getposatl player select 2) + 1.5];
  5. magicsrp

    Ghost Missions

    Good to hear that news. I hope to see it soon.
  6. magicsrp

    Ghost Missions

    Check the RPT file, that'll be a clue.
  7. Some users save their own preset with "GOM_fnc_allowAllPylons = true; " (GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadoutParameters.sqf) on their own Host using demo script. And then use it on other Dedi Server which has a server's parameter: "GOM_fnc_allowAllPylons = false; " Any ideas to prevent it?
  8. magicsrp

    Ghost Missions

    You need to edit the initplayerlocal.sqf: line78: if (player iskindof "B_Soldier_SL_F") then { -----> if (player iskindof "B_CTRG_Soldier_TL_tna_F") then { and additionally, to correct Recon & UAV operator's role: line48: if (player iskindof "B_recon_JTAC_F") then { ----->if (player iskindof "B_CTRG_Soldier_JTAC_tna_F") then { line68: if (player iskindof "B_soldier_UAV_F") then { ----->if (player iskindof "B_T_Soldier_UAV_F") then {
  9. magicsrp

    Play intro Music

    Simple example: description.ext: class CfgMusic { track[]={}; class gameIntro{ name = ""; sound[] = {"\music\gameIntro.ogg", db+10, 1.0}; }; }; init.sqf: playMusic "gameIntro";
  10. Thanks. How to remove CBU-85 Cluster and BL778 Cluster from the Weapon list? Some players abuse these cluster bomb and troubled unexploded clusters in the AO.
  11. Nice script, Thx. I got some info from my rpt file:`Unknown attribute t'. I guess this may come from these lines in GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadoutInit.sqf: format ["<t shadow='2' t size='0.75'>... format ["<t align='center' t size='0.75'>... format ["<t align='left' t size='0.75'>...
  12. magicsrp

    QS Mag Repack

    Thanks. Any update for Server mod or Script version?
  13. magicsrp

    Ghost Missions

    Tanoa mission also has ammo drop, I've played Tanoa mission after released. only squad leader or team leader can deploy the ammo drop using 0-8 support.
  14. magicsrp

    wind speed

    The unit of windspeed(_windSpeed) is kph? not m/s?