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  1. I have a mission where you are BluFor helping Independents (UN) and half way through the mission the UN will be come corrupt and i need to flip independent to be enemies vs OPFOR and BLUFOR. somthing like this would work right, just put it in a .sqf and have a trigger run it? WEST setFriend [RESISTANCE, 0]; RESISTANCE setFriend [WEST, 0]; WEST setFriend [EAST, 0]; EAST setFriend [WEST, 0]; RESISTANCE setFriend [EAST, 0]; EAST setFriend [RESISTANCE, 0];
  2. stormoffires

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    so first off, HOLY CRAP I LOVE THIS MOD second.. my OCD is killing me with how many technical errors you have in this.. I work with or have worked with most of these airframes and your munitions on the trailers x_x need some serious love... hit me up id love to help you get some of these details sorted out :) cause this mod has become a requirement for all my friends and my dedicated server :D keep it up!!! btw LOVE the fact that you use the Spirit of Kansas for the B2 as shes the only B2 we ever lost.
  3. stormoffires

    Sector Control and AI spawn?

    best i can tell is i need to use the sector expression field with something like if (_this select 1 isEqualTo west) then NameOfSpawnAIModule
  4. So using in editor modules I am able to spawn AI and have them begin fighting over sectors. What i need help with is trying to figure out how to make a switch when sectors change hands. so Alpha is unowned = nothing happening Alpha is blufor controlled = spawn blufor AI Alpha is opfor controlled = spawn opfor AI currently using triggers synced from sector to AI spawn i can tell it to start spawning when blufor takes over but i can not seem to get it to stop when opfor takes over.
  5. stormoffires

    Attach a backpack

    hey mate could you write up a little guide on how to do this? Im not sure where to put the script you posted in the last post. I know this is almost 2 years old now but hope you can help.
  6. stormoffires

    Fire Dancing script?

    Awesome thanks when I get a chance I want to test some things. Do you think I can swap " dancer_1-12" for just "player" ? Be cool to make it so any player approaching the fire is forced to dance? Maybe link a trigger to a dance.sqf? execVM "dance.sqf"
  7. stormoffires

    Fire Dancing script?

    That will work! I might just figure out how to make my own animations but this would get me started on the script
  8. stormoffires

    Fire Dancing script?

    Sorry that was vague, i see that now. Probably not best to post when I'm tired. What I am trying to do is allow a player to walk up to a fire pit and select "Dance". Best I can tell is there is no native Arma 3 dance animation correct? So i will have to find a mod such as http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20604 to bring them in, then if its on the server will anyone be able to use it without download or will they need to all have their own? thanks mates!
  9. Not sure how to make this work, been trying to make a dance.sqf file and link it to my fire pit but all the scripts ive tried copying dont work. Anyone willing to share how they would set it up and what they would use?
  10. stormoffires

    [US] AntiStasi Atlis Server

    Looking for like minded folks who want to play AntiStasi Atlis and progress through its mission. This is a bit of a long term investment for those that dont know, however i have a very stable 24/7 dedicated server I am setting this up on, and will be hosting events on the server as we progress. (extra submissions with bonus loot and what not) Right now the server is password protected and will most likely remain that way to avoid issues, all those who register with me will be given membership access in the mission, if you have a friend who wants to play you may share the password with them but they will need to get with me to be added to the membership access, so they can use all the goodies in the game. There are reserved slots on the server for admins right now, if we grow enough I may look at allowing more reserved slots for those who wish to help out. current mods in use: Task Force Radio CBA ACE those in works: RHS:USAF RHS:AFRF still not sure on the RHS part, but more to come :) let me know what yall think! and good luck out there.
  11. anyone willing to share how they set up reserved slots for their dedicated server? Im trying to build a 1-3 slots reserved for admin & mods to always be able to join as well as set up a restricted Zeus slot that only authorized people can access. thanks!
  12. stormoffires

    Fast Travel from point?

    I created the Site and these are my current settings. Category: Sites Module:OPFOR site Condition of Presence: True Placement radius: 100 Faction: CSAT Type: Trafic checkpoint Display Name: Shape: Ellipse Y: 100 X: 100 Interactive: Yes With On-Screen Info Fast Travel: Enabled when owned Condition: True In game I owned the base (Kill all enemies is sector 100m ) and see Hint :"Site Discovered :Trafic Checkpoint" and 2. Hint "Aviable for fast travel" , Now the fast travel tab on the map shows up as well but there is nothing to select when you select the fast travel tab. I need ask , how setup this MODULE "sites" for "FAST TRVELING" ?
  13. stormoffires

    displaying knowsabout as a value

    You rock man thank you for your help!!!
  14. stormoffires

    displaying knowsabout as a value

    ok cool, so i dont have a .rpt file in my profile folder but an error did pop up on my screen when i try to activate, just says "missing: " and lists the line in the .sqf with wantedlvl = bluefor knowsAbout player;
  15. Can someone help me with a simple debug script, i am trying to actively display the value of "knowsabout" for the player, via the radio/call command. thanks! i thought somthing like this would work wantedlvl = blufor knowsAbout player; hint wantedlvl but it doesnt return anything and im not getting errors.