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Fast Travel from point?

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I created the Site and these are my current settings.

Category: Sites

Module:OPFOR site

Condition of Presence: True

Placement radius: 100

Faction: CSAT

Type: Trafic checkpoint

Display Name:

Shape: Ellipse

Y: 100

X: 100

Interactive: Yes With On-Screen Info

Fast Travel: Enabled when owned

Condition: True

In game I owned the base (Kill all enemies is sector 100m ) and see Hint :"Site Discovered :Trafic Checkpoint" and 2. Hint "Aviable for fast travel" ,

Now the fast travel tab on the map shows up as well but there is nothing to select when you select the fast travel tab.

I need ask , how setup this MODULE "sites" for "FAST TRVELING" ?

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One way to fast travel. Hold down i, choose strategy tab, fast travel to siezed or contested area select map hold m for map select fast travel destination 🙂 

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