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  1. 1) Created a load waypoint directly over the helicopter with this in the condition field. {_x in heli} count (units group player) == {alive _x} count (units group player); 2) Then your next waypoint would be the transport unload with this as the condition. {_x in heli} count (units group player) == 0; 3)Then to clean it all up send your helicopter off and delete it, move waypoint on act. {deleteVehicle _x} forEach (crew heli) + [heli] I tried that and nothing. The poster on the BI forums didn't mention if I had to change certain things. So I just copied and pasted. I tried this too: 1) In the Team Leaders init put this. alpha = group this; 2) Just in front of the LOAD waypoint have a move waypoint with this in its condition field. ({!(alive _x) || _x in heli} count (units alpha)) == count (units alpha);
  2. avengerarts

    Fast Travel from point?

    If you have found the answer tell me, I'm confused too.
  3. Where to put it? in SQF file?
  4. To be honest, I don't know! but the first one is the volume "1"
  5. 1- place a unit (player). 2- place an object, let's say FM Radio. save the scenario, then go to its folder "\documents\arma 3\missions\name_of_your_scenario" 3- Create music folder "music" and put your music file or the sound file inside this folder. 4- Create "description.ext" file in that folder which is you scenario folder. open it and paste this: class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {}; class sound1 { name = "sound1"; sound[] = {"music\YOURSOUNDFILE.ogg",1,1,18,1,1,1,0}; //The 18 indicates the distance at which the sound will be heard; titles[] = {}; }; }; Go back to the editor "eden" and double click the object and write this in its init field: this say3D "sound1"; That's it. Many thanks to Feuerex who helped me a lot with his videos. Press "Like" button if you like this post. Resources: The mission file.
  6. avengerarts

    Adding picture in briefing

    Can I Unpbo the Campaign missions??? Where are they exactly?
  7. avengerarts

    Adding picture in briefing

    Look at this image in background of debriefing! I want to do something like it but I don't know how?1
  8. avengerarts

    Adding picture in briefing

    What about Debriefing? I found this, but I want to use the in-game module, which is in Attribute > General
  9. how about getting out? I can't say "in" of course!!! I tried "out" and it didn't work, can you help me please?
  10. How about getting out ? I tried "out" but it didn't work Any help is appreciated!
  11. This solved my issue, thanks a lot guys! I'll post it here for the others to know how. 1- Place a unit give it a name. 2- Place an empty car and name it. 3- Place "Create Task Module". 4- Place "Set Task Module". 5- Place a trigger and write in its Condition field: player in car where "player" is the name of that unit you placed and "car" is the name of the car you gave. 6- Sync player to "Create Task Module" then to Set task state then the trigger! as shown below.
  12. Are you sure?? I tried it, it isn't working.
  13. avengerarts

    Adding picture in briefing

    what is the name of this module please? Sorry I just found it! it is "Create Diary Record" module.
  14. avengerarts

    The new Sector Module

    Can you post the link of this wiki page? I couldn't find it!? :(
  15. Can you help? a file might help me, thank you in advance.