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  1. Hey, it worked! And I learned something. In all these years I never hosted a local multiplayer. Thank you!
  2. I can't get it to work in Single Player mode, just says respawn disabled with no map showing. I made sure I'm only using your required mods and Ravage 147. Any suggestions?
  3. ferahgo


    I was asking about the number of unarmed raiders but now I see it addressed in a previous post here. I'll see about tweaking the pbo. Thank you!
  4. ferahgo


    Ok, I had asked about why I can't save. Yes, I had to run a certain long distance away from the start point and then the notification sound with tips came. At that point I could save. I really thought my Mods were conflicting. Maybe somebody should mention that this is a thing?
  5. ferahgo

    [SP] DayZero [SURVIVAL]

    @Mercenary11 Yes, agreed, that covers it just fine. I haven't found repair kits or building materials yet, but that's good to know that the mechanism is simple and as I expected. Are canteens refillable? I found a pump, I pump it. I doubleclick on the empty canteen in my inventory. You got a paypal for donations to the cause, or a favorite charity? Thanks!
  6. ferahgo

    [SP] DayZero [SURVIVAL]

    @Mercenary11 Thank you for the info, yes I am cured and it was a delayed reaction, as drugs are in the world and nice immersion/realism there. I've found a few very damaged vehicles. I have been to many towns, camps and FOBs and have yet to find a repair kit. Should I be looking for something else to start repairing vehicles? Also, is there a beginners guide to building bases? I come from playing Ravage Mod so I have no idea about any of that stuff. Loving my time so far. I found a ghille suit!
  7. ferahgo

    [SP] DayZero [SURVIVAL]

    My guy has the shakes, antibiotics and using the medical tent to heal him has no effect. He's well fed and temperature around 37. What does he need to stop, sleep? Better meds? Food and Water? Thank you for this cool mod!
  8. ferahgo


    Is there any way to have the map mark the spot where dead AI were killed. I spend so much time hunting down corpses that my AI companions shot, that I want to loot. Can you tell the AI companions to loot? I am playing single player, so if the debug console is needed, I could try that mod which allows it in SP. Thanks! And thanks again for this amazing Mod. I just finished my first playthrough of Esseker Single Player and I'm about to dive back in starting over with everything updated and some new mods. Also new SSD :)
  9. ferahgo


    Ah, thank you for your response. I should have been more specific. I want them to hold fire at zombies only, but shoot at the usual bad guys whenever they want. Thanks!
  10. ferahgo


    I had posted before about having issues recruiting survivors. I loaded a slightly earlier save and now all is good, actually ended up recruiting 8 people in a string of about 5 minutes somehow. Bizzare. They were all running from something. So I've been tooling around with the squad controls, pretty cool. Big question though: Can I make my squad members hold fire against zombies? They waste bullets and freak me out every time they start shooting at some distant zombie for no reason. Thanks!
  11. ferahgo


    Yes, I think I did. I went without a radio for a while in the beginning. This is my first play through. Found a few corpses with a surprising amount of loot. Traders maybe? Can I improve my rating with them? Maybe I could tinker with a save file editor? I might just be screwed for this play through. I totally love this mod. Playing Esseker.
  12. ferahgo


    Anybody else getting the thing where the "friendly" units kill you, even after you manage to recruit them, they shoot you immediately? I have a radio, they said they have no intent to harm me, then I run up and blam, straight in my face with their gun.