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    Dog - K9 Unit

    Oh my god! My dream is about to come true! Cant wait for this! Thank you so much for keeping the hard work.
  2. Thanks a lot. CUP does work fine. My SAS guys knocked down a lot of APCs today. Another issue: Is it possible to control a helicopter, without having to group it to my squad? If so, how is it done?
  3. Hi, i started recently using this mod and it awesome! I play as a SAS 4 men recon patrol in SP. They carry M27 LAW (RHS) but it does not fire with "H" hot key. However they work with vanilla launchers. How can i fix this? Thank in advance
  4. Crocodilo

    3CB BAF Weapons

    I am deeply in love with that 60mm mortar. Best Arma 3 mortar ever. I wish someone could put this one in Arma 3 Norsk Ultra Light mortar
  5. Crocodilo

    MBG Killhouses (Arma3)

    Is there a way to reset the breachable doors, as the targets, so we can make entry after entry until the whole team makes it right? Thanks in advance