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  1. Hi, long time user of Orbat here. Really appreciate the work that has gone into Alive and particularly Orbat! After the recent Arma 3 update I suddenly am unable to use Orbat . When I go in and create a new unit I am suddenly unable to edit the load out. When I hit edit load out it appears to begin loading but never ever loads. I have left it for an hour and it still did not load. I have taken the most recent Alive update hoping that would fix the issue (FYI this also seems to affect older versions of Alive ) but sadly it did not. I can open and edit units in arsenal in editor etc but for some strange reason not in Orbat....Any help is appreciated.
  2. Those notifications are ruining my day! Love the Mod but every time I get in a chopper, am a team leader or get in a chopper etc I get a notification that tells me about some feature about MCC....problem is that there is then a 50/50 chance that I cant close the notification..and the OK or cancel button is of screen...(so I don't Know what they look like).....meaning I have to hard shut down my entire game and reload losing any unsaved game data......Today it has done it 4 times back to back. For the love of god, I have tried everything to remove / disable this . Is there any fix for this ?
  3. Hi Enigma , thanks for the reply, I am upto my eyeballs with work at the moment but I will give that a try this weekend. Appreciate it!
  4. Hi guys , love the script! I am struggling with one issue however.I have tried everything I can think of but cannot fix this. I need to change the driver of vehicles spawned via traffic. I am running a Post Apoc scenario and drivers in Bermuda shorts and Blue Polo shirts is very immersion breaking...Ideally I need the script to randomly pick a driver from an Array with my selected units in it. I am sorry to ask for help but I cannot get anything to work using the ["ON_UNIT_CREATED", I have even delved into the code (very limited knowledge here) but cannot find an array referencing the drivers. I have managed to get Zenophen to add random loot to vehicles (From an Array) and I think I can make the vehicles salvageable.......but I cannot change the drivers of the vehicles. This needs to be done for all factions ...not just civilian factions. Any help or input is much appreciated.
  5. Hi, thanks for this...am I correct to infer that this means that the civs will not ever produce IED'S or SB's (Suicide Bombers).....and therefore if I populate the Ambient CIVs with a hostile faction they will never produce IED's/SB? I cant see an option to actually make them permanently friendly...so how do I set that up? Thanks in advance.
  6. ...Well, my objective is to create random hostile units lurking in and around buildings....so instead of Civ_F I use factions that I have created using Orbat that are based on MU's random civ models. With a changed uniform array and weapons added via Orbat this creates survivors lurking in buildings.....what is happening though is that as they are set as Opfor they are obviously hostile already, we fight, they die . My Rep gets even worse...presto we have Suicide bomber survivors running at me...which does not really fir in a Post Apoc environment.....So I am thinking can we have IEDS and SB's as an option on or off? Also an array to add loot, weps/bags etc to spawned units would be really useful...
  7. Lol I can relate...getting clearance from the boss to divert resources towards Arma can be tricky!! When your next rummaging around in the script is there any chance of an option to disable the suicide bombers..? (Or can you just tell me how to do it via the code?). I use the Ambient civs in a Post APoc scenario ...so it is kinda odd when survivors keep blowing themselves up!!! The Ambient civs hiding in buildings adds such a huge dynamic tension to my games......looting has never been so tense!
  8. Husker-71

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    Hi, can I get a link or copy of the old version of this please as it has quietly updated on steam and I now cannot open missions I have been working on for the last year. Appreciate it.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I hear you, some of the models were large , like the trawler wreck. I was hoping to loot underwater but have found that whilst the search routine runs it cant open your inventory to move the loot across when you are underwater...sucks. My concern is the Blackhawk wreck and the bulldozer wreck. What you are saying about the distance from the centre of the object does make sense though. I will mess with the Blackhawk wreck, see if I can get it working.....having lootable helicopter and plane crashes would be beyond awesome!!!! Thanks for taking the time to answer , Appreciate it!
  10. Hi thanks for the Mod, it fills many gaps in the dynamic environment I am creating, really appreciate your hard work! I have a question, I am adding a couple of extra objects to be searchable via CfgMCCspawnObjects. The system seams to recognise some but not all for example "cwa_C130Wreck","C130J_wreck_EP1", are not recognised. I have read through the thread and followed your formatting so the line looks like this... class MCC_ammoBox { itemClasses[] = {"cwa_C130Wreck","C130J_wreck_EP1","woodenbox","luggageheap","pallet_milboxes_f","case"}; chanceWeapon = 30; maxWeapon = 3; chanceAmmo = 50; maxAmmo = 10; chanceMed = 20; maxMed = 2; chanceFuel = 20; maxFuel = 2; chanceRepair = 20; maxRepair = 2; chanceFood = 10; maxFood = 2; chanceMoney = 5; maxMoney = 5; chanceFruit = 0; maxFruit = 0; }; I am using the ammo box class as the C-130 wrecks are obviously going to be configured to produce higher levels of Military grade loot but in other instances some of the models/class names, when put into one of the other classes ( EG class MCC_wreckMil) don't seem to be recognised, in game as something that is searchable whereas some are. What am I doing wrong? Is there something special that makes only some objects compatible with this system? FYI these are the classnames of the objects that I am trying to add ; "cwa_C130Wreck","C130J_wreck_EP1" "BlackhawkWreck","acd_cup_UH1Y_crashed" "HMMWVWreck","Land_Wreck_Hunter_F" "Land_Wreck_CarDismantled_F","Land_Wreck_Van_F","Land_Bulldozer_01_wreck_F","Land_Excavator_01_wreck_F","Land_Bulldozer_01_abandoned_F","Land_Excavator_01_abandoned_F","Land_CombineHarvester_01_wreck_F" "Land_UWreck_FishingBoat_F" "Land_Wreck_Traw2_F","Land_Wreck_Traw_F" As I have discovered we cant loot underwater and that sucks (Thanks Bohemia! LOL) Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. Hi Zen thanks for your reply. I have had a look at escape and evade as you suggested and it mostly does want I want it to do. I have been trying to isolate the script so that I can implement hostile units spawning around the player, using give loadouts etc. I have succeeded in this but using the 'Escape and Evade; Init as a base I used the script you provided.. while {true} do { _pos = [_player, [400, 800]] call Zen_FindGroundPosition; _group = [_pos, ...] call Zen_SpawnInfantry; 0 = [_group, ...] call Zen_GiveLoadout; sleep 120; }; and then modified it to f_PatrolThread = { _group = _this select 0; _AISkill = _this select 1; _AISquadRange = _this select 2; _maxIndfor = _this select 3; _IndforPatrolGroups = []; while {true} do { _pos = [_X, [400, 800]] call Zen_FindGroundPosition; _IndforGroup = [_spawnPos, resistance, _AISkill, _AISquadRange] call Zen_SpawnInfantry; 0 = [_IndforGroup] call Zen_GiveLoadoutIndfor; sleep 120; 0 = [allUnits, true] call Zen_MultiplyDamage; 0 = [_IndforPatrolGroups, _IndforGroup] call Zen_ArrayAppend; 0 = [_IndforPatrolGroups] call Zen_ArrayRemoveDead; _patrolThread = [_IndforPatrolGroups, ([Cur_Supply_Point, _group] call Zen_FindAveragePosition), [1, 700], 0, "limited", "safe"] spawn Zen_OrderInfantryPatrol; waitUntil { sleep 10; (({side _x == resistance} count allUnits) < _maxIndfor) }; terminate _patrolThread; }; }; ...................................... aiming to retain the clean up function. The problem is that I can get units to spawn with the random load out I want (Via Giveloadoutindfor arrays) apart from random fully militarised units that occasionally spawn, CQB units etc. I cannot find any mention of these units anywhere to tell it to not spawn. My main problem is that the hostel units spawning around the player are spawning in the sea at the edge of the map with the error stating undefined variable_X (being the player variable name). So have I got this correct that in this script _pos = [ _player, should be replaced with the player variable name so, _pos = [ _x, So does that represent the player variable name? If not can you clarify this for me as I have spent a day on this and cannot get it to work. Thanks in advance for your help. As ever really appreciate your work and the framework. Awesome tool! while {true} do { _pos = [_player, [400, 800]] call Zen_FindGroundPosition; _group = [_pos, ...] call Zen_SpawnInfantry; 0 = [_group, ...] call Zen_GiveLoadout; sleep 120; };
  12. Hi Zen, firstly thanks for your work. For me it really has been a game changer in my Arma dynamic mission creating. It also got me to begin to learn to read scripts and understand them. I have been able to have the flexibility to create units/factions with a healthy randomisation simply and quickly. The ability to have missions in single player missions is also a life saver for my Dynamic missions. I have traditionally used Ravage Random AI to generate random bandit groups around the player, however I have found that this generates at the minimum settings more Bandits groups/Solo Renegades than I require, creating a civil war atmosphere rather than a Post apocalyptic survival atmosphere. Because of this I am exploring using Zen to Spawn bandits/Hostiles. From what I can see in the script I can see that I can control the number of units/groups and numbers in the groups (as we do with the mission/tasks patrol spawns). So I am wondering if Zen can spawn groups/individuals around the player, with the same control parameters, AKA, equipped via the Zen_GiveLoadoutOpfor array and then having control over how many groups and numbers in the groups spawn. Also a clean up function is obviously required for dead/destroyed units. I am still using Zenophon's Framework 1-26-17. I have messed with this but cannot seem to get it to work. I know this can be done as it is in one of the tutorial missions but I cannot find the correct part of the script to use. I would really appreciate if you could help me out with a script to do this. As ever, awesome work and any help is appreciated!
  13. Husker-71


    Sweet, have fun running around in the jungle! Ps UK3CB vehicles a must for this map, only way you drive across the channels....
  14. Husker-71


    @Tulsa299, heads up, FYI I have just put down the Ravage ,Zombie and AI Module in Song and all seems to be working. When did you get the version of Song you are using. My version of song says V6.