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  1. xPooRLoCKerBoYx

    Easy Trader set up

    Sorry for reviving an old thread. but, When i add the TRYK (Please note, the mod is working in server) it seems to not show up in trader... Sort of. So in the trader, i see see TRYK backpacks, TRYK Vests and Headgear(Idk why it doesnt have TRYK) under the categories. It seems to be mission the Uniforms category. When i click on the categories, It shows item prices. but thats it. No item name, No photo of item. Not sure what to do. The infistar f4 Armory has all of the TRYK stuff so i know its working in the server just fine.
  2. xPooRLoCKerBoYx

    R3F Logistics (Exilemod ready)

    Yes! You are absolutely correct! I went on a limb and created one before seeing your message. it worked perfect. i was just coming to comment my findings! thank you so much for the reply tho! 🙂
  3. xPooRLoCKerBoYx

    R3F Logistics (Exilemod ready)

    So on my server. i do not have a Init.sqf in my MPmissions PBO. where would i put the [] execVM "R3F_LOG\init.sqf"; ??
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  5. xPooRLoCKerBoYx

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    I cant even create a unit! I've uses Mozilla, Chrome and internet explorer..
  6. xPooRLoCKerBoYx

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    I cant seem to finish the registration! I keep getting this error An error occurred while performing the requested operation. Please help!