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  1. I have to apologize in advance if this bothers anyone, for partially moving this already asked question to here as well, but i'm getting no response in Q&A, and i'm dying to have this answered. I'm really hope someone with the knowledge, can give me a conclusive answer so i can get closure wether i can go through with this or not.
  2. So i'm currently in the process of making my very own Arma 3 peripheral. Right now, it's in a very early stage, nothing is planned for certain, and everything is subject to change. It currently looks a little something like this. And of course, it lights up. Because why not. Also worth mentioning: This is the first time i've ever done this, i have no significant knowledge or experience in electronics of this kind, nor the programming skill, that might end up being needed for this, but i'm having a damn go at it anyways. I've wanted to try this for a long time. The contraption currently consists of buttons, wires, and a Poscope PoKeys57U, which is a USB interface (the correct description?), capable of keyboard and joystick simulation. That being said, one of the major features i would love to have implemented, are flashing button, kind of in the sense of annunciator you'd see in general avionics. An example would be a red button would act as the indicator, that you've got a lock on, and it turns solid red if that's the case. The moment a missile has been fired at you, it starts rapidly blinking, and pushing it would release countermeasures. And i have other ideas kind of like this, but before i come up with anymore, or plan any further with it, i need to know if it's even possible to begin with. Just like Kerbal Space Program has its API, that allows you to connect analog gauges, displays and whatnots, to show all kinds of information, like altitude, speed, fuel remaining/use, electric charge and so on, from the actual game, then i would like to have this question answered: Does Arma 3 have an API i could hook my majigga up to, that would allow for the above-mentioned idea to be turned into an actual feature? If so, would i still be able to join absolutely plain vanilla multiplayer games, or would i have to make mods, and would the server need the mods as well? I'm sure hoping anyone can make a little sense of this.
  3. lekkimsm2500

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Just wanted to come by, and say how much i appreciate your work!
  4. I think it would do the UAV's great justice if you added a sea level flight (MSL) instead of only having the current above ground level (AGL), as well for adding a defineable range for both loitering and altitude level, instead ONLY having default presets. The UAV is a nightmare to use in hilly/mountainous areas because it insists on meticulously copying the terrain when flying.