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  1. Wiregauge

    Load a Specific Profile at launch

    Found it .Under opening screen, 3rd down PARAMETERS, fourth item Profile.
  2. Hi All, I have two profiles .The one listed first (Original) loads at launch.I ahve to manually change it everytime. Is there a way to make it launch with second profile automatically?
  3. Yes all of the above is good. I added a second profile .How do you make a Profile active? I renamed profiles in Doc folder, Restarted game , still original logs in with original name. Thanks.
  4. Wiregauge

    Tao Folding Map

    Yes that worked, Thanks LawGiver
  5. Wiregauge

    Tao Folding Map

    Hi All, Downloaded but didn't work. This what I have:- Loaded Tao Floding Map into: C:\Users\Christopher\Documents\Arma 3\Mods\Maps\@tao_foldmap_a3\Addons Put Keys into keys folder : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\Keys Open Game Mods Tab, Loaded Mod & ticked . Start Game go to Eden Editor Play Sceniaro, Shift m & Tao Map does not show up..only full map. I do have the standard map in Inventory. So Tao Map should show. In Editor under Assets (Right Hand Side) F1. Map is listed in the drop down list, @tao_foldmap_a3 , but nothing under it! Is this correct? Any Ideas? Thanks
  6. Wiregauge

    Helicopter Flight Model

    fixed Must be in Left Seat to operate guns.
  7. Wiregauge

    Helicopter Flight Model

    Hi All, Sorry for intruding ,As I am new I have no choice , but to post here, to obtain 5 posts, so I can post a new post. Ah9 armed Helo Not firing guns or rockets. All other Helo's work fine. Manual Fire keystroke does nothing. Is this still a bug, as I have noticed posts from 2014 with same problem? or am I doing something wrong. Thanks,
  8. Hi, You need to find someone who knows the programming code of ARMA3. I doubt it if the game is made for that sort of access. Very Ambitious.
  9. Wiregauge

    Take on Helicopter port on Arma 3

    Hi, Can't answer your question, but can you tell me where is the "new post button" on this forum? I have looked everywhere, I can only reply. Thanks.