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  1. Great @Rebel Man sorry for forum rules. My group realy love this map!
  2. @rekkless, @eric963, @Flax We have been having this problem for over 1 week but the mod's are updating normally.
  3. Negative @Dedmen but we kept the 2 instances installed on the server because we noticed a better performance in our structure when we used arma3server_x64.exe from the Arma Client installation for the Headless Client function. And we did not use the Linux version of the server (only 1 person had full knowledge to manipulate the distro). I still appreciate the response!
  4. Hello everyone! Many servers administrators already use / used the benefits of the Headless Client in your missions. So, they probably faced several errors such as: HC that does not connect, connects and get kicked, connects and stays with an hourglass, without working (for this I have not seen any solution until the present moment, and we think we have a solution). After several tests in 2 different environments (a Windows 10 professional server - a test server - and our main server machine – windows server 2016) we discovered something that can help everyone with the problem of the hourglass HC. Administrators often use programs to manage their servers, such as SteamCMD, TADST, FLAX, and usually install an instance of Arma3Server (to use as the main server instance). Some also installs an ArmA 3 client to help with HC configuration. So far so good, but the catch is the moment that we keep the steam logged on the server (we usually leave online the steam that have the ArmA 3 client purchased). We saw that the HC worked flawless in our test server and the main server suffered with the hourglass HC. So, what we notice different on the 2 environments was (in addition to the versions of windows): * The test server always has a steam logged that does NOT have the ArmA3 client installed and, the main server, the steam logged in HAVE an ArmA3 client license. So we changed the main server environment to verify if this was the problem: * We started our main server with a Steam account that does NOT have the ArmA 3 Client, but only the Arma3 Server. Therefore, we conclude that the HC work properly when the steam account on TADST or FLAX is different that are running on server, when you start the HC instance (this prevents Steam ID conflicts and errors). We hope this information helps the ARMA 3 server administrator who use HC. Greetings from CCT – Comunidade de Combate Tático Brasil, a Brazilian Arma Community since 2009. Portuguese version: Olá a todos! Muitos já utilizam/utilizaram os benefícios do Headless Client para o servidor. Portanto, devem ter se deparado com diversos erros como: HC que não conecta, conecta e leva kick, conecta e fica com uma ampulheta (este até então, sem solução simples, pelo o que pesquisei até o momento). Depois de diversos testes em 2 ambientes diferentes (um servidor com Windows 10 profissional - este sendo um server de testes - e o servidor principal do nosso clã - windows server 2016) descobrimos algo que pode ajudar a todos com o problema da ampulheta no HC. Os administradores costumam utilizar programas para gerenciamento dos seus servers, sejam manuais ou automatizados (SteamCMD, TADST, FLAX) e costumam instalar uma instância do Arma3Server (para utilizar como a instância principal do servidor) na máquina. Como já vi em alguns post, alguns instalam o ArmA 3 client para utilizar o executável do arma3server no HC. Até aqui tudo certo, mas a pegadinha está no momento que mantemos a steam logada no servidor (costuma-se deixar a steam que possui a versão do ArmA 3 client comprada aberta no servidor). Verificamos que no servidor de testes o HC funcionava perfeitamente e no principal existia o problema. Então, analisamos o que havia de diferente nos 2 ambientes que utilizávamos (além das versões do windows): * O servidor de testes sempre está com uma steam logada que NÃO possui o ArmA3 client instalado e, no servidor principal, a steam logada POSSUI uma licença do ArmA3 client. Então mudamos o ambiente do servidor principal para verificar se o que foi constatado realmente fazia diferença: * colocamos na steam instalada no servidor principal uma conta que NÃO possui o ArmA 3 Client, mas apenas o Arma3 Server. E ao executar a missão que possui o HC, o HC funcionou perfeitamente. DESSA FORMA, CONCLUÍMOS QUE PARA O HC FUNCIONAR CORRETAMENTE, A STEAM LOGADA NA MÁQUINA DO SERVIDOR DEVE SER DIFERENTE DA CONFIGURADA NO TADST, NO FLAX OU MESMO NA STEAMCMD (MESMO QUE NAQUELA CONTA NÃO POSSUIA UMA LICENÇA DO ARMA 3), POIS ASSIM A STEAM E O BATTLEYE NÃO ENFRETARÃO CONFLITOS DE ID ENTRE O EXECUTÁVEL DO ARMA 3 SERVER E O EXECUTÁVEL DO HC. Esperamos que isso ajude os administradores de servidores de ARMA 3 e que usam o HC. Saudações da CCT a todos.
  5. Hello Flax and everyone! Flax you could just create a manual command for the automated symbolic link process that the program already does. So the user would put the original link from where (or where) the download was made ..... I intend to use own steam to download the MOD's (for download speed and because even in large download's steam does not lose connection like steamCMD) The syntax for creating the dynamic link for those in trouble now is: mklink / D <LINK> <ORIGINAL FOLDER>
  6. Hello again Tankbuster! My clan uses ACE Pointing (if you use ACE, I suggest setting it) is much more interesting than Tactical Point. I found this video on YouTube right on time (the video is not my own, nor do I know the owner / responsible) :
  7. @Tankbuster Sorry for the delay in replying, I still do not use the FLAX program to start the server. Precisely because of the initial problem of the MODs are not listed in the laucher (the mod's were functioning as serverside). In this case I still work with TADST. I'm going to try some tests on the backup and warning server.
  8. Hello @Flax and everyone accompanying the post! It is not necessary to delete the mods.cfg, just edit the original file and edit the line of mods one by one by removing one of the commas from the end. Example: Actual state: 463939057, ace, 5/26/2018 11:49:30 AM, 4/19/1988 5:03:36 PM, public This is how the program currently places the line in the MOD's.cfg file 463939057, ace, 5/26/2018 11:49:30 AM, 4/19/1988 5:03:36 PM ,, public This was the way the program would place the mod line in the file before the problems related to the steam update. Notice that in the end, before the public there are two commas. For the correctness and success of downloads without having to create the entire mod list again, just edit the file and remove a comma in each line of each mod. Thanks for all FIX.
  9. Thanks, @suprsurfr but be on the lookout because the FLAX program will indicate that all MODs will be updated (even if they are not), being necessary the manual update in each MOD.
  10. @56Curious a new small window open to enter the steamcode.
  11. Hello everyone, I have a way to circumvent the problem that is occurring in the program momentarily: 1) Open the flax program normally, the error already reported will appear, click ok in the error window. The list of MOD's will not appear and the update button also does not work. 2) Return to the steamupdate tab and click on the update button to run SteamCMD (this will update and / or check if ArmA is updated). Wait for the update / validation and at the end, OK. 3) Go back to the MOD's tab of the program, your MOD's will not yet appear, but the button to add link MOD's workshop became available. Locate any Workshop MOD (preferably not repeated and add it). Ready your list should appear again and you can manipulate any MOD of the listing. I hope it helps.
  12. @Flax apparently this error started after a steam update. On the day the program was updated, both the previous version and the new one worked. Congratulations on the work!
  13. @HeroesandvillainsOS you need the URL from CBA in workshop ( https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=450814997 ) And them put in Add Mod from URL. The SteamCMD need Works OK in the Flax´s program. (the workshop stay in these folder) The Flax program download de mod to the SteamCMD Workshop folder AND create a virtual link to these folder in the arma3 server folder instalation. But, if you need only to create a "virtual" link in a folder to another folder, you need to use these comand: (example) mklink /D "C:\arma3\Arma 3 Server\@cba_a3" C:\arma3\SteamCmd\steamapps\workshop\content\107410\450814997\ These comand create a folder link in the arma 3 server to another folder containing your workshop library. Create a .bat and run in CMD Our community used these command to create these links and start server Follow the explanation in Portuguese. Thanks to [CCT] GhostSniper :: :: Na entrada de mais um mod que foi baixado pela Steam, é necessário adicionar :: mais uma linha ao final do arquivo. essa linha deve seguir a sintaxe :: :: SINTAXE :: :: mklink /D <LINK> <PASTA DE ORIGEM> :: :: EXEMPLO: :: :: mklink /D "C:\arma3\Arma 3 Server\@kunduz_afghanistan" C:\arma3\SteamCmd\steamapps\workshop\content\107410\421620913\ :: :: - mklink /D -> Cria o link :: :: - "C:\arma3\Arma 3 Server\@kunduz_afghanistan" - Caminho completo onde o link será criado. No exemplo o nome :: do link sera @kunduz_afghanistan :: :: - C:\arma3\SteamCmd\steamapps\workshop\content\107410\421620913\ - Caminho completo da pasta onde encontra-se os :: arquivos que serão exibidos pelo link simbólico. :: :: :: Essa é a técnica usada pelo lançador do Arma 3 quando um mod que vocês se inscreveu na Steam Workshop é baixado :: nestes casos os mods ficam armazenados na pasta !Workshop oculta na pasta rais do Arma 3 :: mklink /D "C:\arma3\Arma 3 Server\@cba_a3" C:\arma3\SteamCmd\steamapps\workshop\content\107410\450814997\ mklink /D "C:\arma3\Arma 3 Server\@acex" C:\arma3\SteamCmd\steamapps\workshop\content\107410\708250744\ mklink /D "C:\arma3\Arma 3 Server\@ace" C:\arma3\SteamCmd\steamapps\workshop\content\107410\463939057\ mklink /D "C:\arma3\Arma 3 Server\@smoke" C:\arma3\SteamCmd\steamapps\workshop\content\107410\770418577\ I hope you have helped, sorry for bad english.
  14. @rekkless you can try move MOD´s between servers using FTP or another program. Extra work but solve the problem....
  15. @Percy Thrillington and @rekkless Same problem on our server, but you can restart the download by the program as many times as necessary until it does not give the timeout error. Our server uses a lot of big MODs like CUP and Unsung. Since the time we used STEAMCMD this was already happening.