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  1. But in the Flax program, even given timeout, the download is not lost. It is indicated as not complete and you can continue the process until the end of it.
  2. This appears to be an editing error and / or MOD´s Check your list of MOD's and if they are all compatible with a dedicated server.
  3. https://imgur.com/a/CA2Sd32 See the image above, the first quadrant indicates the server MODs only, the second quadrant the MODs the player needs (MOD`s used in the mission edition) and the third quadrant the HC MOD´s. 2nd and 3rd quadrants must have the same listing as MOD´s I could not upload the message in the Forum. Sorry
  4. @Gary Crooks Did you happen to transport the server's MOD listing to HC? If you have changed the server port you may also have problems. Flax had reported about this bug.
  5. @Nichols I do not use private mods, but the program has a session for this type of MOD, "LOCAL MODS and you can link to their source folder.
  6. Come on, giorgygr: Explain to me how you downloaded the MOD's on the server? Because you can put FLAX to locate the MOD's from the root folder of ArmA and the program will arrive if each MOD has association in the workshop. Anyway, I recommend you download the MOPD's through the program, in order to keep the library always in line.
  7. I'm not sure if the program accepts MOD's collections. I recommend you put the links of each MOD individually.
  8. @otarius-big @Flax I found an exit to this problem: 1) Identifying the problem:> FAST2 crashes when checking MODs at the beginning of the program. 2) Preparing the solution:> Make a copy of the FAST2 installation folder. 3) Server's MODs:> Go to the SteamCMD folder (C: \ SteamCMD \ steamapps \ workshop \ content \ 107410) in our case here. Note that each mod is indicated with the Workshop ID (example ACE3 for ArmA3 the Workshop ID is 463939057). You will have to test all ID's one by one in order to find out which mod was taken from the workshop. 5) To facilitate:> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=463939057 you only have to change the number at the end of this address, which is already on the MOD page. 6) Download the latest version of the program. Unzip it to a different folder and run the FAST2 configuration as the original installation of your server. NOTE: Do not run the SteamCMD installation (since it is already installed) 7) The improvised solution:> in item 5 support test, you should already have located which mod's are no longer part of the workshop, so, you will run this new installation, the server's mod's will be on the tab LOCAL MOD's. Go to the problematic mod and delete it. 8 ) Close this improvised version of the FAST2 installation and run the version in which it was previously installed. If you have performed the correct step by step, the program will not lock again. 9) Tip to avoid new problems:> go to settings tab and uncheck "Check for Steam Mod Updates on Launch" and "Auto Update FAST on Launch". I hope it helped you.
  9. Hello FLAX, See if this also happens to you: When a MOD of the list is taken from the Workshop, the program crash in the checking of the MODs. Thank you!
  10. Hi Flax, I figured out what caused this problem. The port to which FAST is connected is not released from the list of server firewalls.
  11. Check if the ports are different for each server and if the MOD's listing is correct.
  12. Arghbra

    Workshop problem

    How did you accomplish the ArmA 3 folder change? Was it a program or did it simply drag to another directory? Open ArmA's laucher, click options, mod's options tab, and then check ArmA's watch folders and the folder where the mod's are. This can solve. Good luck
  13. Hello again Flax! A simple idea (I think): put in the MOD's tab, the number of MOD's marked in the session (server only, Player Required Mod's, HC reuired Mod's). Thanks for the beautiful Project.