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  1. Arghbra

    Server dont starting!

    Hi guy. I Cant help you a lot, but this is the error: BACKEND (E): Unable to open server config file: .\config Locate te config file of your server and remake then. Good luck (Sry my poor english)
  2. Hello @Keelah Thank you for keeping the program up to date. We updated the program on our server without following the forum and the profiles did not appear. So I went back to the forum and saw the maintenance tool. I performed the maintenance and the profiles came back. But the mission databases saved locally (ALiVE and Liberation) were not saved after the backup. I have the backup of the Servers folder. Is there anything I can do to re-import the databases for these missions? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello @Flax! My English is very weak, I use the google translator to try to assemble the text in the best way that is understood. If you can pass the instructions / tests here on the forum I can try to perform them. Thank you again
  4. Hi @Flax On our server, your program still keeps crashing when checking MOD's at the Workshop.
  5. @Keelah Hello and congratulations on the initiative to support the program used as a base. I got some unforeseen events using the FASTER: 1) We are a community that brings together several clans that play missions of different styles on pre-scheduled days / times. Thus, we created several profiles in the programs that we use to start the missions (until then, still TADST), but we noticed that from the 3rd preset recorded in FASTER, it does not use the pre-established name for the server, but the machine name on the network. We performed some tests: Cloning a base profile created, from the 3rd profile it uses the full name of the network it is in. Already creating a profile from scratch, we tested up to the 4th profile and the server name worked correctly. 2) HTML MODs: If possible, you could put an option similar to that of importing MODs for download but on the tab for selecting MODs for the server / player. With that, having a .HTML would be able to import the list of MOD's from the mission. (without having to hunt MOD to MOD in a list with more than 100) 3) I believe it is just a visual failure of the remote access to the server, but it does not hurt to report: in the MOD's tab, some times we noticed that the MOD's count number sometimes disappeared, sometimes it was setting 0 even if there was MOD Selected. Again, we at CCT and the Combat Zone appreciate the maintenance of this tool.
  6. But in the Flax program, even given timeout, the download is not lost. It is indicated as not complete and you can continue the process until the end of it.
  7. This appears to be an editing error and / or MOD´s Check your list of MOD's and if they are all compatible with a dedicated server.
  8. https://imgur.com/a/CA2Sd32 See the image above, the first quadrant indicates the server MODs only, the second quadrant the MODs the player needs (MOD`s used in the mission edition) and the third quadrant the HC MOD´s. 2nd and 3rd quadrants must have the same listing as MOD´s I could not upload the message in the Forum. Sorry
  9. @Gary Crooks Did you happen to transport the server's MOD listing to HC? If you have changed the server port you may also have problems. Flax had reported about this bug.
  10. @Nichols I do not use private mods, but the program has a session for this type of MOD, "LOCAL MODS and you can link to their source folder.
  11. Come on, giorgygr: Explain to me how you downloaded the MOD's on the server? Because you can put FLAX to locate the MOD's from the root folder of ArmA and the program will arrive if each MOD has association in the workshop. Anyway, I recommend you download the MOPD's through the program, in order to keep the library always in line.
  12. I'm not sure if the program accepts MOD's collections. I recommend you put the links of each MOD individually.