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  1. Exactly. It all dwells down to how much advanced (and flexible) you want to have your mission. Personally, I'm a huge fan of reusability, so I'd take the database approach. Also, my job is related to databases so it's kinda my profession deviation :)
  2. @crewt you are absolutely right that this might be a little bit of an overkill for a single mission. However, the database approach allows you to continue the mission even after server randomly crashes/restarts. @polishmartyr I don't know about any frameworks because I haven't yet dug up the subject deep enough, but writing your own one will definitely increase your coding skills which might pay back in the future
  3. Check extDB3. It will solve your issue however you'll need to write some custom scripting and database understanding to handle mission progress saving and loading.
  4. Have you had to provide any additional parameter to the addHandler in the setSkill.sqf for the script to know which player shot the bad guy (which player add the 250 cash to)? I'm trying to hook up Arma's rank system and somehow count numbers of kills for each player and use setRank at different number of kills to promote players.
  5. Dash - SQF Editor

    @nevada_scout Thank you for your excellent work on the editor. Any updates on when you anticipate releasing updates?
  6. Have you tried removing the game entirely and redownloading it back?
  7. disable voice (VON) in lobby

    According to Biki you can disable the VoN in your server.cfg.
  8. I think it all hinges on finding a proper function to call. Then only thing to do would be to bind that key to that function. However, I might be totally wrong on this
  9. Problem exists on my side as well. How I can determine which mod is causing that error to show? I probably might be able to fix the files myself but I don't know where to start.