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  1. Transflux


    I'm not going to convert the buildings, that seems like it's prone to all kinds of anomalies, thank you though. Plus I'm sure the Mediterranean styled stuff looks off in the Chernarus setting.
  2. Transflux


    Yeah after some testing I noticed any arma 3 lights were disable just my activating the mod into my list. Unfortunately the best maps use both A2 and A3 assets and tend to have A3 lights. It's not a huge deal since Arma 2 lights aren't touched yet, I was actually thinking about making this take place on Chernarus anyways. Side question for anyone, as I'm not at my computer right now, does Chernarus have a lot more enterable buildings than it did in A2? I liked the map, but survival missions seemed like a recipe for disaster on that map since there were hardly any interiors. As for adding items to the current build, I was looking around your PBO and I'm pretty sure if I just unpack the pbo and add in the items to the loot table it should work? I'm also trying to remove almost anything vanilla too, so this might be the best way for me.
  3. Transflux


    Hey Haleks, a few questions regarding using your modules in an already built mission. I'm trying to add some survival aspects to a mission I'm working on and I have some experience with using Ravage but have a couple questions. You talk about Ravage removing light sources and such, but all I'm interested in from Ravage is only the survival and loot spawn aspects. Would tossing in your survival and loot modules cause the other effects of Ravage that aren't necessarily tied to a module to kick in (ambient light disabling for example)? I'm trying to use old weapons and gear so I have IFA3 in my game and I was hoping to make it so I can add the gear and weapons from that mod to come up like CUP/RHS/Thai Warfare items do when you enable them in the module? I'm guessing the only real way for this would be to go into the script and actually edit out vanilla items I don't want to spawn and add the WW2 items I do want? Hopefully there's another way to do this easier? I don't really want anything vanilla in terms of gear/weapons spawning. I know I can use All the Weapons mod, but I think that only works on units holding vanilla weapons (I know for sure vanilla gear stays vanilla), but it doesn't quite address all of my issues. Thanks
  4. Transflux

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Thanks Vafana, I'll be giving both of your versions a go at some point ( once I finish,writing out the lines in WLA to use all of the new IFA assets and test it out). And sounds good, it's not that I hate playing on A2 maps, they just seem out of place when you have a unit pack like RHS that is high quality
  5. Transflux

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Well that's fantastic news. I love using RHS, it's probably the best mod for a more current styled war zone and is definitely the most complete as well. Would you be able to make a version on one of the ARMA 3 maps (altis or tanoa, Stratis is meh lol)? I'm not too big on many arma 2 maps and prefer the A3 maps. My issue tends to be with unit mods like RHS thay are of quality, mixed with the low quality textures for the landscape makes things seem off in my eyes. This is a personal opinion of course. Either way I'm excited to check it out.Also, if you wouldn't mind explaining the differences between your tanoa version and a2012v's?
  6. Yeah you did kju, I've just been incredibly lazy about joining it haha. I'll join it tonight
  7. Transflux

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Okay, not too big of a deal. With All the Weapons mod, it really helps get rid of some of the futuristic stuff by swapping out any vanilla weapon with an appropriate weapon from mods (OPFOR uses weapons from your OPFOR factions, etc.) So basically with Pilgimage, the more unit/vehicle/weapon mods you have installed the more variety you will come across in the game?
  8. Transflux

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    This mission looks great. I'm curious how the usage of faction/weapon mods works. If say I have a couple faction mods in, will it only spawn units for OPFOR and IND from the mods or a mix of all factions available to the side? Are all faction and weapon mods compatible? Im not a big fan of the futuristic/experimental style of vanilla Arma 3 and would prefer a more current styled setting.
  9. Been modding since Morrowind. I know the standard procedure for finding conflicts. And no offense but if that's all its for then I'm not really going to worry about it. I'm sure it's just something in my list I forgot to take out.
  10. Haven't tried the performance exe, though I think it causes issues with other mods? I'll check it out and see if that fixes the issues. I really want to get an IFA WLA scenario up and running with all your guys work.
  11. I'm getting some crashes when spawning some stuff in the editor. It might be a conflict with something else I'm running though seeing as no one's reporting it. I'll have a look and see if I can narrow it down tomorrow.
  12. Rofl, I never said that the fact it's causing fps issues is why it's causing crashing.... I literally said that since most people have that setting at high or lower (because it causes large amounts of fps loss) that you dont see many people complaining about it because their comouter cant habdle those settings. I have no idea where you got that idea lol... I have modded games since TES Morrowind, I know what causes crashes and what causes fps hiccups. Models having issues CAN cause a crash, it's happened on official releases of games before....And if it's an issue with some objects (not a big deal, only a select few are having issues and this was released much earlier than they had set out to) then there will be a memory issue going on from that model and add to the fact that this game already has issues with memory and viola
  13. Awesome kju, thank you and great work.
  14. I was wondering if you guys had a list of all the units/vehicles you guys have added since the project went from the conversion to the LITE formatting. I want to update WLA to make full use of all of your guys work (especially everything you've done in the last update, great work), but I don't want to go through each unit and write down its name and cross reference every unit to the list of units already being used. And Awla is set up already to fully use all the stuff from the conversion of IF. Thanks
  15. No confirmations, but no one has come back to say it didn't work. Also it's happening to a very very very small minority of Unsung Players which leads me even further to believe that's the issue. Most players don't have a computer good enough to run the game with settings set to ultra, and the only people to complain about it was Egg (which based on his screens, has a pretty nice computer), two other people and then now AU is having the same issue (I know AU has a nice computer as I've talked to him a few times). I'd say it's pretty safe to say that the issue is objects being set to ultra, which is one of the biggest frame killers in arma anyways with hardly any graphical improvement (high to ultra) so it's probably why you don't hear many people complaining about it.