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  1. Thank you for working on this, there's some very nice content in this mod! We've been using this mod on our campaign for a while now, albeit with some added scripts for compatibility. I'd also like to see the faction listed under OPFOR and the ability to use some of the individual factions (Regular/Desert/Artillery/Marine) with ALiVE. In addition to some of the issues posted previously, it seems like some vehicles cannot take damage, or have issues: It was either the WZ-10 or Z-19 - I ran it into a few trees, and into the ground, does not take damage. ZTZ-96 - can penetrate an RHS M1A1 Abrams anywhere including angled front turret, but after using the Abram's 120mm to fire 14 rounds into the engine or the Type 96, no noticeable damage occurred. The Type 99 seems a bit more balanced, but it can still 1-shot an Abrams. Not really understanding all that's involved, but what penetration values did you give to that gun? Also, on the helicopter pilots' loadouts, they have a nice helmet, but I can't find any resources on them using the coveralls. Here are some samples: They seem to for the most part be wearing slimmer dark navy coveralls with leather jackets, which of course I assume would not be a part of their "summer dress." Very well done so far, I'm looking forward to what's to come!
  2. I'm making a post after looking through a few topics and consulting with one of my contacts. We have tried a number of fixes, but none have solved the problem. Scenario: There is a rifle qualification range and a pistol qualification range on the same mission. Controls are linked to scripts via addAction to either raise targets at 1 of 3 set distances at the rifle range or to raise the pistol targets in sequence. The rifle targets need to reset after being hit, while the pistol targets need to stay down after being hit. Problem: Through various scripts, I was able to get the ranges to work properly when loaded in the editor. However, on the server, the combinations will either make all the targets pop up or stay down despite trying a number of combinations. Attempts: Since one of the topics I found mentioned locality, I tried implementing if (isServer) line in pistol range scripts - Scripts would not work at all on server. Also tried moving nopop = true/false; into target objects' init lines - Does not work. Moving nopop = false; line to rifle range scripts - Targets initially in up position, stay down when hit. Upon executing scripts, will reset as intended in editor, but not in server. Moved lines from init.sqf into range.sqf file executed from init.sqf - Organizes it better but does not address issue. Scripts: There is a execVM "range.sqf"; line in the init.sqf file which calls the range.sqf script: One of the rifle range scripts: Pistol Range Script: There are also scripts to reset the ranges after use, but those are working as intended so I don't think I need to post them.
  3. Thanks for the response, finally got to take a look at this issue again and somewhat comprehend it. So from my understanding, I should be using remoteExecCall? And should this go next to the addAction of the controller that calls the scripts or the scripts themselves? Another method I tried was: this addEventHandler ["Hit", {this animate["terc", 1];}] That is not working either unfortunately.
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    FORECON is Recruiting [NA][Apex]

    Some more videos today: Military Free Fall Techniques: Oil Rig Operation:
  5. OVERVIEW FORECON is a North American-based milsim unit modeled after Marine Force Reconnaissance. The unit operates on Pacific Standard Time, but we have members all over North America. The mission of FORECON is to provide the MAGTF (Marine Air-Ground Task Force) with military intelligence. FORECON conducts Green Operations (deep reconnaissance) to gather intelligence, and Black Operations (direct action) to conduct offensive strikes, often with aid of MAGTF resources. Our unit consists of the following elements: Reconnaissance Platoon Rotary Detachment TECOM Element TECOM (Training & Education Command) members will often times play the role of a High-Value Target, VIP, or OPFOR during operations. This Element is ideal for those who prefer a variety of roles and equipment with a unit experience. We encourage players to submit an application even if they have no prior experience with any of these MOS, although experienced players are preferred. We conduct training for new recruits and for players seeking to specialize in a MOS. Operations and campaign missions are organized weekly. REQUIREMENTS mature, dedicated individuals (18+ preferred) microphone, TS3 Arma 3 Apex DLC fluent English speaker We are currently recruiting for the following roles: Reconnaissance Man Training SARC (Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman) Helicopter Crew Chief Student Naval Aviator TRAINING Training is conducted via a sign-up on the forums, so it is more or less self-paced. We would however, like to see recruits complete training as soon as possible. Promotion points will be given for the completion of each training. Each role has a specific Training Pipeline to follow. For example, the Reconnaissance Man Pipeline is as follows: Basic Reconnaissance Course Combatant Diver Course Military Free Fall SERE Courses from SOTG (Special Operations Training Group) OPERATIONS Operations are conducted weekly on Sundays at 6:00 PM Pacific. We brief participants with an OPORD before the operation. If you cannot make this time, don't worry! There are plenty of other opportunities to gain promotion points and engage in unit activities throughout the week. PROMOTIONS & ADVANCEMENT Promotions in this unit are based on acquiring points and completing leadership training. This objectively allows a member who has met the requirements to receive a promotion. Extra points can be earned for tasks such as participating in operations, conducting training sessions and participating in staff positions. CONTACT Teamspeak: Website: http://forecon.enjin.com/home If you have any questions, please ask them in this thread or add us on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197970576663/ http://steamcommunity.com/id/omnigaming/ Otherwise, if you are interested, please submit an application at http://forecon.enjin.com/recruitment
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    FORECON is Recruiting [NA][Apex]

    Another video of a recent operation:
  7. McIntire

    FORECON is Recruiting [NA][Apex]

    Check out this video from one of our recent operations:
  8. Alright, got some time to try the scripts. From looking at this and the other topic you quoted, I have been able to use a laptop to raise and lower the targets at the specified distance. Thank you. However, the nopop = true; keeps the targets down, where as I would like them to stay up. Having the targets pop up after each hit is at least currently functional for our purposes though. The last bit of your script with the percentages, is there a way to save it as a number out of another number? i.e: 10/30? As far as the hit distance, I am very new to that. I'll do some looking but I am looking for: How to attach the logics What scripts to use in the logics themselves How to count/save the points for the targets
  9. After hours of googling, scanning the forums and steam, I could not for the life of me find what I was looking for. So help would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to make a rifle range with targets at certain ranges. I would like to be able to raise targets at a certain distance, then drop them after it is done, raise the next distance, so on. The targets used are the red pop-up (small) targets from CUP. In fact, is there a way to prevent the targets from going down after being shot? I found the nopop=true script, but that just makes them stay down. I guess this could be used on a controller to make them stay down after the stage is done, but I guess I would have to assign it to the set of targets. I am not quite sure how to do that. On a pistol range, I have stationary targets at a certain distance. I would like to be able to give points based on where the target is hit and have them be counted at the end. On both of these ranges, I would like to separately count the points to be displayed at the end: Rifle Range: Count hits Pistol Range: count points If anything is unclear, please let me know.
  10. serena, I would like the targets to stay UP rather than down. I'll look over the script in the morning and see if it works.
  11. I really liked the Apex Campaign, especially the part where you can play with friends and other players. I still haven't completed the original arma 3 campaign though, finally made it onto altis though.
  12. McIntire

    CH-46 Knight

    Looks like it's coming together nicely! I haven't gone through the entire thread but it looks like you can move around inside?
  13. Squad name: FORECON - Force Reconnaissance Company Timezone/location : US/North America Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Co-Op (Operations, Training, Campaigns) Contact email: mcintire0302@gmail.com, https://steamcommunity.com/id/omnigaming, https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197970576663 Website address: http://forecon.enjin.comShort description: FORECON is a North-America based milsim unit modelled after Marine Force Reconnaissance. The unit consists of a Reconnaissance Platoon and a Light Helicopter Attack Squadron. We put our members through the Training Pipelines associated with their desired roles within the unit. We hold operations and are planning to conduct a Tanoa Campaign.Language: English
  14. Some of our info has been updated: Teamspeak: Arma 3: This unit derives its lineage from the Project Reality group from 2006 and has recently activated in Arma 3. Our staff possess several years leadership and milsim skills from Arma 3, other games and real world experience. Mods: Our modlist size is reasonable, at 20.2 GB including CUP Terrains, or 7.4 GB without. The pack consists of a steam collection as well as external mods: Steam Collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=563854719 Zade's Backpack on Chest: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28837 Cha Lav25: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26184 RHS USAF: http://www.rhsmods.org/mod/2 CUP Terrains: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26682 If you are interested, we look forward to hearing from you: Please contact CWO3 Haymaker or Capt Levi on steam if you have any questions about the unit and entrance.