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  1. JS_F

    PR MOD - total replacement WW4

    Really? Anyway thank you for your patient answers and contribution to this mod!
  2. JS_F

    PR MOD - total replacement WW4

    Yes I am talking about your PR MOD WW4. Probably this is because I was using the old version of the pr mod. In the old version weapons are modernised with scope.
  3. JS_F

    PR MOD - total replacement WW4

    Another question, is it possible to make it compatible with Extended Effects?
  4. JS_F

    PR MOD - total replacement WW4

    yeah please, I'd love to see them in game. Some people might prefer modern weapon replacement, some people including me prefer 80ish weapon replacement.
  5. JS_F

    PR MOD - total replacement WW4

    Nice work! Could we have an option to use the 80ish weapon instead of modern weapon (like without scope)?
  6. JS_F

    Extended Effects

    How would people compare this to ECP mod>
  7. JS_F

    JCOVE Lite for free

    hey does anyone still have SP or MP missions? In an unofficial JCOVE community there were many but the community has been shut down...
  8. JS_F

    PR MOD - total replacement WW4

    thanks. how can I get rid of this white stuff?
  9. JS_F

    PR MOD - total replacement WW4

    Thank you for your patient answers mcslavko. I have one more question, is there any AI improvement mod included?
  10. JS_F

    PR MOD - total replacement WW4

    Thank you mcslavko. 1. I have tried to remove these two pbo files, but it doesn't work. There is still no radio voice. 2.How can I use your terrain and vegetation replacement with other mods, like wgl?
  11. JS_F

    PR MOD - total replacement WW4

    fantastic work! I just have two questions about the WW4 Replacement: 1. Is there anyway to enable the radio voice? 2. What vegetation and terrain replacement mod did you use?
  12. Hey, can anyone help me to get rid off error message at beginning of mission (I have only played official missions and the error message happened in ever mission)? The error message made the cutscene at the beginning of the mission not played. I have used wgl5 mod with some self-made replacement (only for self-use). I think it's the problem with my self-made replacement pack and the problem doesn't actually affect gameplay, but no cutscene is really annoying.
  13. JS_F

    OFP Addon request thread

    This link is accessible tough, but some download links for this sound mod has expired. I can only download the Resistant sound project but I can't download the basic sound project.
  14. JS_F

    ECP mod without ECP Core

    thank you! it's too complicated for me
  15. Hey everyone! Is there anyway to use ECP mod without ECP core, but only use effects sounds, dynamic range, dynamic speaking and radio chatter? I think sometimes ECP core will affect procedure of campaign, which is what I don't want to see. I think removing ECP core can resolve this problem.