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  1. nodrog1061

    Script holding error help

    Thank you @opusfmspol works perfectly. your a life saver
  2. nodrog1061

    Script holding error help

    I've tested it both ways still has the same problem it's not a syntax im having its a logic error
  3. i am trying to use a waitUntill to wait for the player to not be on the ground (eg falling) but despite using "not" it still executes the code when the player is on the ground this is my code []spawn{waitUntil {!isTouchingGround player;};}; _freeFallId = [_player,_target] execVM "\SM_tandem_jumping\functions\fn_freeFall.sqf"; player setVariable ["tandem_freeFallId",_freeFallId]; I have also tried using a while loop but it cases way too much lag this is the code I used: while{(velocity _player select 2) > -4}do{ if ((velocity _player select 2) < -3) then{ hint"true2"; _freeFallId = [_player,_target] execVM "\SM_tandem_jumping\functions\fn_freeFall.sqf"; player setVariable ["tandem_freeFallId",_freeFallId]; exit; }; []spawn {uiSleep 2;}; }; I know it's not an error relating to the line !isTouchingGround player as I've tested it in the debug and when I am on the ground it outputs false which it should so this has got me absolutely stumped on how to fix it and what to do. i can give the rest of the code if it helps to s
  4. nodrog1061

    AltisPolice.org - Where are they now ?

    Thank me later. Over 1.1gb Worth. PSD's are included. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BziAKqoq7c6DejJvMnJOcl95S2s https://web.archive.org/web/20160320002641/http://altispolice.org/vehicle-textures.html
  5. nodrog1061

    ArmA 3 Car Reskinning - Free

    hi can you make a skin for the new transit van for my rp server if posable can it look like this left one