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    Hey! Okay maybe it's tooooo late for that but i need to ask to you, is there any news about that island? 8 years later..
  2. Guys, how can AI launch from the aircraft carrier by itself? I mean TeTeT's nimitz carrier. what is the script? I looked at many functions (sqf) files but I couldn't find what I'm exactly looking for. If anybody knows anything about it, please just give me that code or send me a sample mission or something else you can do. Please, guys.
  3. For CWA. Question is, how can I make a fuel air bomb script or is there any fuel air bomb addition? This can be ODAB-500 for example, for west side. I would be glad if someone sends that addon/script. I saw this explosion in this video,
  4. Okay I made it with an different way but thank you :)
  5. I know it but want to make this with using a catapult. Because it's supposed to be like the real cat shot.
  6. I finished the test flight with MAS's F/A-18E/F. I always use this aircraft on the ship. The 1st step is succesful; Aircraft took off by AI player with the code you wrote. Also plane couldn't get the speed and crashed into the sea. Because it needs the catapult script for quickly throwing. Or it needs AfterburnerOn script. should increase its speed, important that this. Otherwise plane can't take off the ship. I'm using the latest version of the Hawk's Nimitz and found some scripts in the carrier's .zip readme.. one of them; But it doesn't work, with trigger, ship or plane.. Or I don't know how to run. That is the main problem.
  7. It would be perfect:) I'm waiting, thank you
  8. I want to make my own cat shot/launch in the nimitz carrier but this must be for AI player, not for me. can anyone help me about this issue? I have the latest version of the Hawk's Nimitz addon. I did a lot of research but I couldn't find any script for AI players.. Can anyone send me a little sample mission for CWA? Thank you :)