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  1. OK so this is really weird I've never seen this before and i hope someone can help. So me and my buddy were playing amra 3 tona earlier today and then all the sudden I went from 50+fps after 2 hours of gameplay to a solid 7 Fps and it won't change no matter what i do I'm so confused why it would just happen after getting really good frames for 2 hours straight. I've tried a bunch of things like turning on and off the computer, Checking files, even uninstalled arma 3 and re installed it from scratch and as soon as I got in a multiplayer server It breaks again for the whole game no matter what I do. Even the editor and the EastWind campaign is still stuck at 7FPS. I've tried changing all the settings to the lowest possible and it still doesn't fix it after it breaks. GTX 960 4GB SSC, DDR3 16GB Ripjaw Ram, FX-6300 AMD Those are my specs